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The next day we had morning practice but there were only two girls and with me three.

We had warm up and after it, I decided to run around the gym for physical condition.

It was the fifth round and when I finished the two boys from yesterday where arriving to the gym.

"(Y/N)! We are going for some water, we will come back in a minute" I saw the two senpais leaving... No one is in there... I'm alone... The court is empty... I have all the court for me!
I ran back inside and set the box with the balls in one side of the court.

Normal serve- done
Jump float serve- done
Jump serve- done

I did another one but it went to the wrong direction...

"Is someone he-" a boy with orange spiky hair appeared out of the blue but unfortunately my serve went straight to his face.

"Oh my... GOD!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" I ran towards the boy in the floor, who looked like he was also practicing volleyball.

"Hinata, what are you do-" a boy with raven hair and blue eyes, taller, came with us... And saw the boy, named Hinata in the floor.

"W-what happened to him?" He said pointing him.
I blushed in embarrassment.

"I served the ball and then he poped up out of nowhere, I didn't know so the ball went straight to his face... "I said looking at the boy. He then suddenly sat up.

"I-I'm fine! " he said and his nose started to bleed.

"Of course not! You're bleeding!"
I said looking at him with a small glare.
He looked at me and smiled widely.

"It's okay! I'm fine"
He is cute, like precious cinnamon bun!

"You dumbass! You could have received the ball! " the taller boy scolded him.

"Shut up, Kageyama! "

I helped the boy.

"Are sure you're fine... Um"

"Hinata Shoyou! First year"
He said with his hand over his nose.

"Hinata, you should go and clean up your nose" I said and went for some tissues in my bag.

"Hinata, dumbass... "
The boy named Kageyama smacked his back.

"Ow!! Bakageyama!! Don't!! "

I went with him and handed the tissues.

"It's alright... Kageyama? "
The boy looked at me and nodded.

"Kageyama Tobio, first year"
He seemed familiar though.

"Gaaah!! Thank you, bad serve"
I got an arrow in my heart, I was about to apologize but Kageyama smacked Hinata's head.

"You can't even serve underhand, and, of course, your reception is horrible!"
He got it worst than me, huh?

"Shut up, wanna see?!"

"With pleasure!!"

The both of them looked at me and bowed.


I shrugged but accept, what else can we loose?
Hinata and I went to one part of the court while Kageyama was in the other one.

"Hinata, you go first! " kageyama announced and potion himself for receiving the ball.

"Here I go! " he threw the ball and hit it. It went straight to the net.

"THAT SUCKED!! " Kageyama shout and Hinata jumped pouting. They were really loud.

"Your turn... "

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