chapter 24

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The whole day goes by and no one even squeals about what's going through their mind. They try not to cause any problems until ... well heather walks into the classroom.

Everyones face goes red and they are all just waiting to slap her . Charlie grinds her teeth while she just smiles and walks to her desk . The principal shortly walks in the room and realised that everyone is still quite and didn't even talk to Heather .

" wow !!! You all really do want the talent show and prom ... that you actually didnt say a word to Heather "- principal

After that lesson the bell rings and every one heads to their dorms .
" I'll catch up with you guys later .. heading over to Ryan's music room "- Sarah shouts

" well I see niall is calling me .. so I'm just gonna go with him "- Jordan blushes

Caitlyn and Josh were planning on going shopping for the prom but now they don't even know if they should go or just get dinner .

Kirsty has been looking for Brendan all day but couldn't find him . She accidently bumps into Michael and asks him .
"Sorry kirsty I don't know where u is ... but I'm just heading over to amie. .. she's helping me decide what to wear for the talent show and I'm gonna practice with her ... and probably sleep with her too "' - he laughs

Lara and Levi were walking through the park to have a little picnic of their own . Myka and Ashton also decided to join them in the park and play on the swings ... Nicole and Heather were chatting about something random until Heather brought up the prom

" why are you even talking to me ... I mean every One is upset and wants to kill me "- Heather

" unlike everyone else ... I didn't have a partner to start of with and dayl has a new girl now !! Justin and i just had a few one night stands but nothing serious "- Nicole

" well I just want cian to get blamed for all of this and that Mickey will be upset and break his heart ! I dont know what he sees in her .... she tries to hard and shes just well .. I'm rich and u have money and everything .. what can cian get from her "- Heather

Michaela began walking alone to her dorn because both cait and kirsty was somewhere with their boyfriends.  She picks up her bag and flings it on her shoulders . With her head down and books in her hand someone catches her by the hand ...

" hello there gorgeous .. "- Brendan

" Murray?  What do you want "- Michaela

" well I want kirsty... mind telling me her whereabouts "- Brendan

" well i do know that she was looking for you"- michaela

With that Brendan left to find kirsty and Michaela searches for the keys to open her room door ...

" damn it .. kirsty has it ... "- michaela

She decides to sit at the doorstep and wait for kirsty but to her surprise Cian walks by . He smiles at his view and sits beside her . He nudges her and she giggles

"What are you doing on the ground ?? "- cian

" I forgot to take the keys "- Michaela

They both talked about utter nonsense until their eyes met . Cian leaned in closer and looked deep into her eyes . She leans in and allows him to come closer , his lips touch hers and he gives her a sweet kiss.  Which eventually becomes heated and steamy and he pulls her close and picks her up above him ... Then he wakes up with her on his shoulder and takes her to his dorm.

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