The Shadow

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"Nico? What's wrong?" He was looking at the same shadow as her, but he couldn't understand why she had terror written all over her face. It was just a boat, right? Humans passing over wasn't anything unusual, it just meant that we'd all stay away from the surface for safety, which wasn't hard. What was wrong with her? She still stood there, frozen, and he was left without an answer. He decided to ask again, this time putting his hand on her shoulder in hopes of shaking her out of this trance, "Nicolette, I need you tell me what's going on. You look like you've seen a ghost."   
    Her gaze slowly shifted over to him, and she spoke, her voice quavering, "I think I have seen a ghost."
    "What're you talking about? Isn't that just a boat?" He asked
    "I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I don't think it's just passing through."
    "Nico, could you please stop with the riddles? You're confusing me."
    She nodded slowly. "When I collapsed there with you, I saw a vision," she gulped, and explained the rest to him.
    "Then what're we doing just standing here?" He replied
    Nico took a deep breath, and Zach watched as her brows slowly relaxed. "Zach, I need a favor."
    "Anything," he nodded.
    "I need you to evacuate the citizens here in the capital."
    "I accept my task, but what about you? What will you do?"
    She smiled, "my job, Zach. I'll do my job."
    He mumbled, "No duh," and continued, louder this time, "but your job is?"
    "To protect my people."
    Immediately, he wanted to tell her they'd be fine. He wanted to tell her just to keep herself safe, but he knew she'd never accept that. Before he turned to leave, he made one last remark, "Come back to us, okay?"
    Her smile deepened, "I don't go down easily." Then, without another word, they parted ways.

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