Tuesday 11th October 1994: Saving my ass

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"Sir are you going to let me off now, you're not still going to suspend me?" My voice was breathless, my eyes begging for his word.

Pursing his lips he began to unbuckle the belt on his trousers, I swallowed hard on the inevitable, he wanted me to repay the pleasure, he'd not finished with me yet.

"I think the least you can do is take care of this hard dilemma you keep putting me in, don't you."

I looked back down at his crutch. Swallowing back again I gasped. Damn the guy had a good couple of inches on Brad. He took my hand, helping me down from his desk. As he lead me to one of the chairs I can remember my legs feeling so wobbly that when I finally did reach it I literally dropped down on its hard surface, the force of it jolting right through my body.

"What makes you think I'm planning on suspending you anyway Thaila?" He stroked my hair as he spoke.

"Because you did it to Brad. It was my fault, not his."

"I haven't suspended him, I can't, that's not my call. I sent him home, threatened him that's all. Made him stew over it for the night. Don't worry, I'll tell him he can thank you for my change of heart in the morning."

"No don't. Please." I begged him. I stared up at him wide eyed.

"Oh of course, he's your boyfriend. Don't want him knowing what a teachers pet you've become." He winked at me sardonically.

I didn't tell him he wasn't. At that time I wasn't sure. I was hoping that maybe because we'd done it then we would kind of be together but my main reason was the sudden sense of shame I felt, losing my virginity to someone I wasn't even in a relationship with.

"Well come on Thaila Moore, get to it! Or lover boy will still be facing the consequences."

I could have put a stop to it right there and then, I had saved my own ass, this was about getting Bradley out of shit now. Part of me really wanted too, despite how selfish that might sound. I knew the seriousness of our actions should we have got caught even back then. I may have been seventeen but I wasn't stupid, I had a good head on my shoulders and any form of intimacy between a student and teacher was a definite no no, whatever the god damn reason.

Then there was the other part of me, the part that couldn't tear my eyes away from the solid length of flesh brushing against my pursed tight lips, teasing my awoken inner slut. Yeah that sounds a bit harsh, referring to myself like that, but I've revisited these diaries a million times over now and there is no denying I haven't got one. The other side of me, the dark side. The side that's left me where I am today, thirty nine years old and on my own.

Like I said already, I want to settle down. Get a husband, have kids even. If I haven't already reverted back to one myself before that far out fantasy ever comes true. I've tried, I really have. Over and over again. That damn inner slut of mine just won't be tamed, the mildest sniff of temptation and out she comes fu*king everything up again.

Opening my mouth I allowed him to push himself inside, he grunted, his hand cupped the back of my head, pulling me further down his shaft. I didn't gag this time, I guess that's one of the pro's of being a quick learner.

"Are you still horny?" He asked me.

I was rocking my knicker less crutch against the wooden seat. I gazed up at him, my mouth still clamped around his length. "Mmm." I mumbled. A smile spread across his face.

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