Tuesday 11th October 1994: Saving my ass

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I was heading back to that classroom, my nerves even more on edge then they had been the last time I'd walked this journey. All weekend long my mind had been a tormented mess and now it was Tuesday, the end of the school day. The time had come when my worries were finally going to be put to rest. I was just as anxious of facing Bradley again for the first time since Friday as I was Mr Cole.

The events of that day had been on auto play in my mind since I'd got home that evening. None of it seemed real, I wasn't a virgin anymore for fu*k sake and that was a pretty big deal. I didn't feel any different, aside from the Shame that was consuming me, knotting me up inside. Damn I still couldn't understand what possessed me to ignore Mr Coles presence, his command for us to stop. The room had gone deadly silent the moment I'd pulled Bradley's lips back to my flesh, the only noise to be heard was that of my own pleasure. Now I was about to face the consequences of my actions. My fingers trembled around the door knob as I twisted it round to open it up.

"Where's Bradley?" I asked, my eyes scanning the room.

"He has had his punishment and been sent home. I would guess he is pacing around wondering how he's going to explain himself to his parents by now." His chocolate brown eyes seemed to be staring straight through me, making me shiver.

"What? You reported us, but I thought..."

"What did you think Thaila, did you think I was going to just chuck you a few after schools? Maybe together ah, so you can carry on getting off in my classroom." He interrupted, cutting me short.

"I'm sorry sir, it will never happen again i, I swear. Am i, have I been suspended too?" I stuttered, panic taking over me.

"That depends."

"On what?" My eyes were starting to water, all I could think of was how disgraced my mum would be if she was to find out.

"On what you're prepared to do to stop me dragging you straight to the head first thing tomorrow morning Thaila."

"Anything, I'll do anything, just please, my mum, she can't find out." Id pleaded with him.

He remained silent for what felt like forever, there was a smirk on his face, the way his eyes looked me up and down had me regretting I'd said that. Finally he cleared his throat.

"You do realise you put me in a very awkward situation Thaila. I'm a teacher, you're a student. You have no idea how bad my head's been fighting with my di*k since you performed that little show of yours and I most certainly don't recall accepting an invite to it. You turned me on Miss Moore." He shook his head. "That's just so wrong."

It was me who went silent then.

"Well what are you waiting for Thaila? Lose the clothes for heavens sake, you know what I want and we don't have long, the cleaners will be making there way up here soon."

I can't remember what my initial reaction was, it's not something I'd made a note of, but I can remember feeling absolutely terrified. I know one thing for sure, as a thirty nine year old reading back on it, I can't believe what I'm going to tell you now.

I obeyed him. I actually stripped myself of every item of clothing, sat on his desk, spread my legs wide apart and allowed him to go where Bradley had been just four days before, what's more, I enjoyed it. I couldn't help it, he was pretty damn hot for a teacher and like Brad had pointed out, he wasn't a great deal older than us. It didn't take me long to reach orgasm, in fact he'd barely had his tongue against my flesh before I was screaming out my delight.

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