Daddy, don't be quiet. Please.

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It was way past his bed time. However, one look at the youngsters face told tales of fear, horror and bad nightmares. Yes, he knew he was supposed to be in bed. Guilt was written all across his little face. But daddy would understand. Daddy was big and strong. Daddy made him feel safe when the nightmares and the monsters came. 

So daddy went upstairs with him. He tugged him in and said good night. "But daddy, please don't go!" Daddy had no choice, he had to stay. After a while he switched off the light and turned to leave. "Daddy?" a little boy whispered through the dark. "Are you still there?" "Yes i am my child," he answered patiently. "Please don't be so quiet daddy, i need to hear your voice." 

How often do we hear our Daddy's voice? Or are we too busy dealing with our own fears? Life is tough and only the fittest will survive. So we run the race and do our best. Time is a luxuarie and fate seems put against us. But we manage. Day by day we live our fast passed lives, to one day find ourselves, empty, despairing and alone. "Where are you God?" we cry. But maybe He has been here all along. Maybe we just never took the time to listen to His voice?

Every raindrop brings a shade, of liquid marvel, of heavenly grace. Every morning God tries to light up your new day, with passion, zeal and flare. Sunrise magic yearns to touch your heart and set your life ablaze. Rainbows dream of bringing the colorfull vibrance of a living God into your heart. FLoral tapestry carpet your world to bring a living melody into your sin strained world. But we never see... we are too busy trying to survive.

Daddy please, allow your human child today, to hear Your voice, to find Your heart. Set me free from my narrow minded self. Bring me echoes of Your vibrant awe. Take my hand i pray, and teach me how to live.

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