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"...She's adorable."

"What should her name be?"

"How about... Liberty? To symbolize the village's freedom."

"Liberty it is."


Clement Guild was our home. It's what keeps us all together. It's a rather small guild- consisting of only twelve people. It used to have a few more though, from what I know. I barely know the reasons why they quit.

Saying this, I guess I will be able to introduce all of us.

Hi. My name is... Waterfall. I'm an eighteen year old girl. I have elemental powers, and so does everybody else. My powers are water- but when Akuma, my soulbound demon takes charge, my powers change. I prefer to use my magic, but if I'm out of manna, I use the sword hidden in my umbrella. The one thing I'm still annoyed with is that I always struggle to open it, I mean, come on, the button's always too high- Sorry. Alright, next person.

I have a sister called Lyra. Her elemental power is Earth. From what I know, she does not have a soul bound spirit yet. However, she doesn't really care about these things. She is not usually on the offensive, she's more of a healer. Fitting, since she tends to go more on the shy side. But, if she does go on the offensive, she will use her guns.

My soul bound demon is Akuma- Her personality is the complete opposite of Lyra. She's excited 24/7, and gets super hyped up about candy. She does manage to connect with Lyra sometimes, and gets along very well with Kaito. More on that guy later. Her magic is force, though I'm not really sure, since I hardly let her take charge of my soul.

On to Kaito. I'll try to condense the information into short sentences. His personality is similar to that of Akuma's, he's all about candy as well, and he's best friends with a wolf spirit, or is it a dog spirit? I hope I didn't offend Asurma. That's his spirit's name. He uses the elemental magic of metal. I don't think he uses any weapons.

His so-called sibling is Hikari. She's kind of unfriendly and scary sometimes. I think she's killed someone before just because her victim gave Kaito some alcohol. Both siblings have red eyes, now that I think about it. She uses ice magic, also very fitting for her demeanour. Her spirit is a chick called Kiran.

Asurma and Kiran both have illusion magic, and they have the ability to turn human.

Reaper has a very impulsive and short-tempered nature. He uses lightning magic. He and his brother come from a clan. He's a dragon slayer. His brother, Grim, has a more calm personality, but that doesn't change the fact that he is impulsive as well. He's also a dragon slayer and uses wind or air magic.

Lana. Well... I have difficulty talking about her... She's an easily influenced person. She uses the elemental magic of darkness. She uses a bow and arrow.

Sienna is a pretty nice person. I think she's the most level headed person here. She uses fire magic.

Emma doesn't really talk much. I'm not sure what magic she uses, since she barely fights or even uses it. It's probably ice demon magic.

That's about everyone in this guild.

I have one goal.

I have been studying parts of my brain and Lyra's brain. 

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