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Ariella woke up that next morning in a cheery mood, not that she was excited for the day's upcoming events, which included a tea time with the debutantes, but because she was most likely to skip said tea time and go for a ride with Louis. Basically, if any fun was going on at the palace, it involved Ariella and Louis getting themselves into some form of trouble.

As she regained her sense of surroundings, she rose from her pillow and stretched out her arms. She looked around her bed chambers, listening to the morning song of the birds which flowed into her chambers through an open window, along with a slight breeze. A smile rested on her lips as she got out of bed, twirling around her room for a bit before entering into her breakfast parlor for her morning tea.

"Oh you're up, how wonderful!" exclaimed Mae as she entered her chambers, "All of the maids have been ordered by the Queen to inform all debutantes of their daily schedule," Ariella groaned as the maid fiddled with something at the hem of her skirt, finally pulling out a folded up note, "Yes.. yes, okay," she muttered, looking through the names and schedules, "Okay, Mademoiselle Ariella de Montamorte, the Queen has scheduled you for an afternoon tea time with the other debutantes at 3pm sharp, and the royal feast and festivities tonight at nine thirty."

Ariella groaned softly, but then proceeded into the parlor after shoving her arms into a silk robe. Mae was wandering about the dressing chambers picking out a day dress for the tea time while Ariella glared out her window, sipping from her tea.

Ariella hated most of the noble ladies at court, with their selfish and arrogant ways, all they ever seemed to do was boast about themselves and try to out shine each other. If Ariella had her own way, she wouldn't be at court with them, she'd be back at her family's estate riding her horse Violetta in the countryside and running about with Louis. She didn't want anything to change, she didn't want to be a noble lady, and she didn't want to have other noble ladies as friends. She didn't want to grow up.

Mae entered the parlor, carrying several gowns across her arms and laying each of them delicately on the sofa across from Ariella, who continued to glare out the window, "Mademoiselle, its time to get ready for the day," she said softly, finally gaining Ariella's attention.

"Ah yes, of course," she murmured, setting her tea on the small table in front of her. She eyed the three dresses sprawled about the sofa, leaning back into her chair while twirling a strand of her dark hair around her pointer finger, "How about the lacey light purple one?" she said, looking for Mae's approval.

"Of course," she answered, picking up the dress and carrying it back into the dressing chamber, Ariella following slowly behind her.

As Mae fumbled with a few corsets and petticoats along the shelves behind them, Ariella sat at her makeup counter and glanced into the mirror. Her own bright green eyes stared back her, mimicking her own frown as she rested her chin onto her hand. Mae tapped her lightly on her shoulder, retrieving her back from her reverie.

Mae tightened her corset with gentle tugs, pulling them tighter and tighter as Ariella's frown grew stronger and stronger. Ariella then slipped into her lacey day gown, Mae helping to button up the back. Ariella refused Mae's offers for an intricate up-do style for her hair even though it was a fashionable style, insisting on having her long dark waves be untamed, rather having her pull back the front sections of her hair and tying them with a lace ribbon in the back.

Mae left Ariella at the mirror, once more fumbling with things along the back shelves, this time looking for shoes. The traveling chests and hat boxes lined the floor of the dressing room still, it was Mae's job to unpack all of Ariella's belongings that day. The latter sat still at the mirror, wrapping her hair around her finger once more, as it was a nervous habit.

When Mae finally deemed Ariella ready for the day, she ran over when and where all of the activities for the day were located around the palace. She also strictly informed Ariella that she was to return to her chambers immediately after the tea time ended so she had ample time to dress for the evening's festivities.

As soon as she was released, Ariella exited her chambers with correct posture and a ladylike stance, but then after closing the door, she bolted through the halls and down to the servants quarters. She ran through the kitchens, maids abandoning their chores and dropping into curtsies as cooks gasped and dropped their utensils. Ariella twisted and turned about the servants until she finally reached the exit which led to the royal stables.

Louis met her around the back, picking her up around the waist and twirling her about before setting her back on the ground, both of them laughing, "How'd you manage to escape the maid?" he asked laughing.

She clutched her chest while catching her breath, "Wasn't that difficult, she believes that I'm actually going to attend that pompous teatime this afternoon."

"You have a teatime? You mean the annual debutante teatime? That's today?" he stared at her in shock, "Ariella, that's mandatory, you must attend!"

"Oh calm down, Mr. Prestigious Pants, its just a silly teatime."

He continued to stare at her in bewilderment, "This isn't like the other ones, you're being announced to the other debutantes, this time you actually have to care!" he panted nervously, "Ariella, what time does it start?"


"You don't even know? Lord, what am I going to do with you, my friend," he murmured, glancing down at his pocket watch, "It's already three thirty."

"Well, I've already missed it, there's no need to go back now," she said absentmindedly, leaning back onto the wood of the stable shed.

"There is if you want to be in the season!"

"Then it's a good thing that I don-" Louis gabbed her by the hand and raced back into the palace, tugging her along behind him.

"Oh Louis! I beg of you, don't make me do this!"

"You don't have another choice! What am I supposed to tell Count and Countess Montamorte if you miss your introduction!"

Ariella stopped whining, a frown forming on her lips once more as he pulled her along to the tea room. Upon their arrival, Louis stopped them before the set of large French doors, flicking a leaf out of her hair, and tucking a strand behind her ear. Ariella had not yet ceased to stop her frowning as he did so.

Louis cupped her face in his hands, "Be polite, be ladylike, and try not to embarrass yourself," he whispered, releasing her.

"Says you!" she shouted, her eyes widening after realizing what she'd done.

"Ariella! All of them probably heard you!" he whispered frantically.

Her cheeks flushed rouge as she pulled down the sleeves of her gown, her hands shaking, "It'll be fine," she muttered, more for herself rather than for her friend.

"You'll be fine," he repeated, giving her hand one last reassuring squeeze, "See you after, I'll be around the corner."

She smiled slightly as he left her, he too had a gentlemen's gathering to attend later.

Ariella turned towards the doors, taking a deep breath, once again pulling down her nagging sleeves which seemed to always be riding up on her arm, and pushed through the doors.

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