The Hospital

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Emi's pov

We put on the Lion King the boys still arguing over the choice. We sit there waiting for Freya to come down. We have our snacks around us
"Hey make sure you leave a seat for Freya" I say to the boys who have taken up all the space in the couch
"Dont worry she can sit on my lap" Jason says with a wink
"Dude come on she just found out Jake cheated on her with that bitch, she is super sensitive. We need to sort Jake out" I say Dawson nods
"Why the hell would he do that, that is such a low move, next time I see him he won't know what's coming"
I nod in agreement, he doesn't even deserve Freya now after what he did to her and I'm sure if one thing he won't expect what is going to happen to him will happen. Freya is such a beauty and a flower and the feelings I have for her are still there. Although I'm her friend I am much a better boyfriend choice for her than him. I wouldn't let her go I would make sure to never hurt her and I would treat her like a princess. But Freya doesn't see me in that way and now that Zak is back this is going to cause some trouble too I just don't know how much.
"Whats taking Freya so long" Jason moans
"I don't know I'll go check" I stand up and go to the bathroom door
"Freya are you ok?"when she doesn't answer I open the door and see Freya sitting there in a puddle of blood with a razor in her hand.Her wrists are slashed and blood is pouring out of them, her clothes soaked with blood. Her face is white and she looks at me
"FREYA WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO" I shout and rush to her side
"Emi.." she says weakly and she closes her eyes
"No no no no" I shout

The rest of the boys rush in through the door
"OMG freya what has she done" Dawson says
"Jason phone an ambulance, we need to stop the bleeding" I shout frantically
I grab some towels and hand one to Alec and he wraps it round her wrist, I do the same to her other wrist. Dawson sits next to her strokingher hair telling her it's going to be ok.
"Dawson your getting covered in blood" Alec points out
He shakes his head
" it's ok I don't mind"
I feel tears fall down my face as we put pressure in her wrists to try to stop the bleeding.
"She will be ok, she will be ok" I say over and over again.
I pick Freya up bridal style and walk towards the door where paramedics are
"Please help her please" and the paramedic takes Freya out of my arms and puts her into the stretcher and into the Ambulance.
I fall into my knees and cry my heart out
My flower, my princess
Jason runs my back
"She will be ok"

Jason drove us to the hospital because I was too emotional to think to drive and plus they said they didn't want to die so yeah good choice. Why did Freya do that to herself? She has us and we knew nothing about it. Did she not trust us? Why not? Does she not know we are always going to be there for her?
I don't want to see her hurting herself. She will have her reasons however whatever they are we will help her through them.
"She's go in to be fine" Alec said
"I hope so" I reply monotone
I really do hope she is ok and I can't wait to give her a big hug and tell her it's ok.
"Emi?" Dawson says
"Yeah man?" He looks a bit uncomfortable
"Eh.... you like.... Freya don't you?" He looks at me
Do I? Don't?
Are there really feelings for Freya still what they were before?
"Naw she is just like a sister" I say shaking my head even though I know this isn't true
"Oh.... good... well I do" he says
"What as friends?" I ask trying to get as much information out him as possible
"Yeah but also more" he says rubbing his hand around the back of his neck.
"Cool man however you hurt her you're dead got it?" I threatened
His eyes widen and he shakes head very fast
"I won't hurt her. Especially like that ass Jake" he says his eyes blazing with anger
"I figured but you can't be too careful" I say
I take out my phone and call Freya's mum
"Hi Linda here at Belle Reve how can I help you?" She says
"Hi Linda it's Freya's friend Emi here" I say test falling down my face once more
"Is everything all right?" Freya's mum asks
"No ...... it's freya ...... she is being taken to the hospital for loss of blood, she slit her wrists and lost too much blood .... please help" I cry now sobbing
I hear her gasp
"Omg not again I'll be right there" she says putting the receiver down hard.

" we are here" Jason says
He parks an we jump out slamming the doors behind us.

We run through the doors and go up to the desk
"Can I help you?" The woman sitting at the desk said
"I was looking to see what room Freya Moffat was going to be in" she scans us all
"What is your relationship to the patient?"
" we are her friends" I say
She nods but smiles sympathetically
"Only family members can receive this information I'm sorry" she turns away from us and looks at the computer
"But... we found her she was with us when it happened" I argue
She looks at me and shakes her head
"I'm sorry I can't give you the information sir"
"But" Alec puts his hand in my arm
"Dude we will just need to sit and wait"
"WHERE IS MY BABY WHERE IS FREYA?" Freya's mum comes running in shouting
"Ma'am I need you to calm down" the woman at the desk says
"What is your relationship to the patient?" The woman asks
"I'm her mother" Freya's mum says a bit calmer
"Ok .... so what it says here is your daughter has lost too much blood and needs a blood transplant" the woman says sympathetically
Freya's mum covers her mouth and starts bawling her eyes out
"My baby" she screams falling to her knees
I go over and kneel down
"She'll be ok" I say rubbing her back
She pulls me into a hug
"Thank you....thank you for finding her" and I help her up and we go sit at the chairs.

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