42. Naughty in Nice

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Before I could even catch my breath, Jay had me standing and leaning against the balcony rails and used his strong thigh to spread my legs.  His thick, hard cock ran the length of my slit before he easily slid inside.

"Oh fuck."  I whispered as I hung my head and enjoyed the feel of him.  "That feels so good Jay, so good."  I cried as I pushed back against him.

"I would die a very fucking happy man if I died right now Mia.  Your fucking tight cunt around my cock feels fucking amazing."

I knew the more Jay swore, the more excited he was and it doubled my excitement.  The more he controlled the situation the more out of control I felt. 

"Babe...."  I moaned and was rewarded with a deep growl.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard Mia, so fucking hard you'll have my cum dribbling from your perfect fucking mouth."

"Oh shit."  I moaned, his words shooting straight to my core and I tightened around him.

"Fuck Mia, you love this dirty shit.  I can tell by how tight your pretty cunt holds on to me." Jays voice was so raspy it sent shivers down my spine.

One hand held my shoulder to hold me in place as he thrust deep and hard.

"Yes Jay, oh fuck....yes." I breathed as my body shook with the intensity of his thrusts.

He dropped his hand from my shoulder and ran it over my breasts, down my belly and rested it on my pubic bone.

"Please touch me...."  I begged when I realised his hand was staying put, his finger barely an inch away from where I wanted it.

"What do I always tell you baby?"  He whispered against my ear before drawing his tongue down my neck, an involuntary moan leaving me.

"Patience?"  I stammered and heard him laugh softly.

"Good girl Mia.  I'll let you fall into the light as soon as I'm ready babe, until then I'll keep you right here."  He teased, his warm breath against my neck.

"Please Jay?  I'm....I'm nearly....fuck, I'm so...."

"Soon baby, soon."  His finger lightly rubbed my clit and my body responded instantly, before he withdrew it.

"You want my finger on your pretty bud babe?  You want my cock so deep it hurts while I finger your clit?"  He whispered, his words taking my arousal to a whole new level.  A level where I couldn't speak, I could only utter incoherent sounds.

"I want it Jay, I want it all....please?" I begged, crying out as his finger flicked my hard bud before rubbing it in just a way that had my orgasm rip through me. There was no thought of neighbours, of people walking the streets, of anyone who might hear as I screamed out his name. His continuing thrusts prolonged my ecstasy, before he grabbed my hips and growled out his own release.

His chest was against my back as I leant against the rails. I could hear him struggling to breathe enough air to fill his lungs as I did the same.

Eventually his arms wrapped around my waist and I felt his ragged breath on my neck, directly before he kissed it.

"You're fucking amazing Mia." He panted and I swallowed, hoping to get enough moisture in my mouth to speak.

"I...that...you...fuck..." I couldn't form the words to express just how good I felt, how good he made me feel. The words would be inadequate anyway, they always were.

"Jesus Jay!" I suddenly mumbled, my senses back where they belonged as I took in our surroundings.

Jay laughed. "I promise no one saw you Mia, although I can't say they wouldn't have heard you." He teased. "Come on babe, let's shower."


"You know, your after sex voice turns me on almost as much as hearing you cry out during sex babe."

I was ordering ice creams, as much to cool us from the heat as to soothe my throat. I blushed as I turned to scold him but the look in his eyes caused my breath to hitch.

Jay had a way of looking at me that made me feel like I was the only one in the room, the only person in the world who was worthy of his time.

He also had a way of turning me to mush and he was well aware of it.  His small smirk was a dead giveaway.

We walked through the quiet streets of the small village, my hand tucked comfortably in Jays much larger one.

"This place is so beautiful, just look at these buildings.  There's definitely history here."  Jay nodded as he looked around.

It was late afternoon when we made our way to our room, deciding we would get ready and head out for an early dinner.

The restaurant was small with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We sat at the bar, looking out to the waves rolling in.

"I love it here."  I commented as I sipped my margarita, oblivious to the man who had slipped onto the stool beside me.

Jay reached for my hand and acknowledged the man beside me.

"Jimmy, how are you mate?" He nodded at the man who smiled back.

"I'm good thanks Jay, just grabbing a quick beer while Lisa checks up on her folks."

I looked between them, wondering how they knew each other.

"Mia" Jay said as he looked to me. "this is Jimmy. Jimmy, this is my girl Mia."

I shook Jimmys hand. "Nice to meet you, how do you know each other?"

Jimmy looked over my head at Jay, who then answered my question.

"We met at Amanda's wedding."

"Oh? How uncanny that you'd both be here." I said even as I began to suspect it was more than a coincidence, I just wasn't sure why.

"Jimmy was the wedding photographer." Jay added and I felt the butterflies erupt in my stomach.


The bartender placed a vodka and squash in front of me and I smiled gratefully before picking it up and drinking half of the contents.

"Jimmy has agreed to take those pics you wanted babe.  And since he has a hell of a lot to lose if he isn't 100% discreet" Jay looked at Jimmy pointedly, before continuing.  "then I'd say he's the perfect man for the job."

I knew my cheeks were red, I could feel the heat radiating off them.  

"Oh."  I answered quietly.  "Umm when?"

"Tomorrow."  Jimmy answered with a smirk.

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