🔱 Chapter 8 🔱

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Road to Talmus

June 5

The surrounding forest was filled with the sounds of life. Woodpeckers drummed noisily against the trees, Bluejay's chirped merrily along the tree branches and Abidah watched as a line of Bullet ants carried objects that were three times their body weight.

The wind blew gently against the trees, weaving a serene song that whispered tales of freedom. It ruffled Abidah's hair and she had to swing her head to the side to get the long auburn tresses out of her face.

The wind... What she would give to be so carefree and uncontrolled, even just for a day.

Dust mites played peekaboo with the rays of sunlight coming through the branches and as the group traveled along the dirt covered road, getting closer and closer to the nearby town of Talmus, Abidah wished more than anything that she was back home with her sister and her guardians.

"Okay everyone, we have at least a half a mile to go." Said Adamanteus.

Abidah sighed in relief, they were travelling for hours and they had only stopped to let the horses rest but now her thighs and bottom were becoming numb from sitting in the saddle for so long. Every now and then she would adjust herself in the saddle to try and ease her discomfort but sadly to say her attempts were in vain.

Adamanteus watched as Abidah squirmed in her saddle. He knew exactly what was wrong with her because the same feeling he was sure she was feeling was also cramping his backside but being a Prince he was not inclined to show such discomfort in the presence of others, so instead he braced himself against the uncomfortableness and stared off in ignorance.

Looking over to his brother, Sylvan, he realized he too was having a hard time sitting straight in his saddle. Thinking about it for a couple minutes he finally came to a conclusion and told them to stop.

"Let's just stop here for a few minutes. Dismount and stretch your legs."

"But my Prince, we're almost there." Argued Cerul.

"I know Cerul, but it won't do us any good if we get there and aren't able to walk."

Not wishing to hear anymore of what Cerul was saying Adam walked away from him and went to help Abidah down from her hellion. But as he drew near Ashkelon began to draw his lips back into a snarl, straight edged teeth slowly began to elongate and the Hellion's muscles began to bunch and coil.

Raising his hands in surrender Adam stopped in his tracks and took a step back.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to get your rider." He used his hands to show what he wanted to do and by doing so he pointed at himself then Abidah and then to the ground.

Abidah watched him with amusement. She smiled every time Ashkelon snarled at him and he would use his hands to show what he meant so as to dissuade the animal from hurting him. But she knew Ashkelon wouldn't budge and she also knew that if Adam took one more step closer he was going to tear him to bits, which she really didn't want to happen.

"You know that's not going to work right?"

"What?" Adam turned his gaze towards her.

"The gesturing."

"Well I don't see why not." He stood with his arms akimbo staring her down.

"You've never had an animal for a companion, have you? If you did you would know that's not the way to treat someone else's companion."

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