AU Fiction

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I tend to only consider writing AU (Alternate Universe) stories. It's just ten times easier than writing one that's not. (But you may see something that's not in the future, I just highly doubt it).

For starters, I don't want to have to worry about being "correct" when I write things that aren't AU when an AU can be whatever I want it to be.

There is more freedom in an AU.

I can manipulate age difference.

And this one I think is the most important: I can manipulate character life. Meaning, I can change the characters I use to fit for however I need them too.

This includes changing sibling/parent numbers/name/gender. Which is my favorite part I think.

Not only that, I can assign fears, emotions, actions, typical statements, usual attitudes, etc to a character of my choosing. Where as I feel like I have to conform more when it comes to a non AU story (what are those even called?)

Lastly, I feel like all stories which aren't AU's have the same story. They meet at a con for the first time do some stuff. Talking about being so far away from one another. Someone moves. And yeah, I've read a lot of stories like these that are not like this and that are really good. It's possible so give it a shot, I'm just saying it's harder for me personally to write something that isn't "average" when I'm put under restrictions. I want to write things that do stand out a little and work on their own, I realize that I don't always follow that but I try to and AU's make it much easier.

That being said, I don't think I will write an AU of a fantasy genre. Nothing against those, like earlier there are really good ones. I just don't know if I could pull off being a fantasy writer. I mean my only thought is making Jack an elf and we all see where it's going.

Anyways that's my spiel.

Remember that I'm talking about my own writing style through this, not anyone else's so don't get offended if I've bashed on something you do. Im saying that this is something I can't do so pat yourself on the back.


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