Chapter 3

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Heyyy peeps
Another update yayayy
Sorry about the last one being kinda short *tear falls down cheek*
I will try to make this one longer

Anyways enough talking enjoy the story


I have no idea who that redhead was but i have to admit he was kinda hot

I know i made it seem like i didnt want him there but i kinda wish he came back he gave off this comfortable feel

I mean in a not so fag bag way you know

He was saying we were together but i just dont remember him

But i honestly dont remember much the doctors and everyone keep telling me that i have Amnesia or some shit like that


Ian woke up smiling until he realized he was still in the hospital and wasnt in bed with Mickey

Ian got up from the waiting room couch and tried not to wake Mandy


Mandy stirred from her spot on the couch which was under Lip

"You going to see mickey" mandy asked

"Yeah are you hungry" Ian asked

"Yeah can you get Lip and me something from the cafeteria" Mandy asked

"Sure" Ian said sounding sad

"Hey...Mickey will remember" Mandy said

"Yeah" Ian said more like a question

"Yeah" mandy said

Ian knocked on Mickeys hospital room

"Go the fuck away unless you got me more jello Nurse bitch" Mickey yelled from inside the room

Ian smiled to himself while walking in knowing how much mickey loves Jello
"I know you dont want to see me and i know you dont remember me but i need to see you....please" Ian said

"Uh the doctor told me i have Amnesia" Mickey said

"Yeah" Ian said

"Are we really umm you know............Together" Mickey asked

"Uh yeah" Ian said not wanting to scare Mickey because he remembers how he used to be before all of this

Ian walked over and sat at the chair next to mickeys bed

"Is it okay if i sit here" Ian asked

"Yeah i dont bite" Mickey laughed awkwardly


what are you thinking mickey why would you say that REALLY awkward

He's really hot and beautiful but come on hold yourself together

Look at those gorgeous green eyes
Tight fitting shirt that shows imprints of Abs?
Freckles i could count all day
Really pale skin but beautiful
He looked kinda like an alien but like a cute one
With a smile that could bright up your day

Wait was his mouth moving ?
Was he saying something to me ?

"Mick did you here what i said" Ian asked

"Uh no sorry i was um......zoning out"
Yeah that sounds believable

He gave me a weird look and then the door opened

It was the Nurse bitch also known as Nurse Hayes

"Hello there Mikhailo how are we this morning" She asked

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