The Ladies

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So Amy and Signe, I see people write with these two ladies a lot and I don't think you'll ever see me do it. There's nothing wrong with it, and don't think I don't like them. The reason I refuse to acknowledge their existence in writing is because I like them. I don't want people to get the wrong impression of them. I actually really like both of them and I feel like the only way to incorporate them into stories is by making them bad people or as a friend and since I don't really know how to add them as a proper character, I refuse to attempt it. But that's just my own opinion. A lot of people execute this flawlessly. I just am not one of those people.

I will - however - use Marzia because I like her channel. Not because she's dating Felix. I actually enjoy her content and think she's really great at what she does, so I don't mind adding her to stories and in fact I do it most of the time.

This also goes for any YouTuber - male or female - if I use them. It's because I like they're channel, not because of anything else.


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