Chapter 13

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Diana pov

After I hour of swimming class, it was time for lunch, I when to the cafeteria an order rice an peas with vegetables an a orange juice for lunch

I wanted to have something heavy so that why I order such a heavy food, after collecting my lunch I decided am going back outside

In my same spot to have lunch, I use the same back exit an walked out to the play field were I found fidel an rayhan sitting in my spot waiting

Seem like they were waiting on me, as I walked up I caught rayhan eyes he wouldn't stop looking me, but I break the eye contact since I couldn't stop blushing

I sit beside rayhan an said "what are you guys doing here"

"We were waiting on you love" rayhan reply

I was sure now that I was blushing a lot, his voice is always so soft an sweet, but when ever he growl it just scared me a lot, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it.

"So how do you like it here?" Fidel asked

"Well I don't really know since it's my second day an more over I haven't tour the school as yet"

"Okay well rayhan can show you around" fidel reply with his mouth full

I laugh at him an nodded my head


After 15 minutes of lunch fidel decide he is going inside to find his mate and rayhan decided that he was ready to take me for the tour around the school, after few minutes we came to the library then he said

"Am Diana love, this is our library okay"

I blush when ever he addresses me as love, I nodded my head an smile up at him, as we step inside the library we heard an announcement saying

" all students please meet us in the cafeteria right now "

It repeated twice an then everything was back to normal

Rayhan look at me an said "let go Diana we don't want to miss the announcement"

"Okay" I mumble softly

We walked back to the cafeteria were all the students has already gather, in a few minutes I saw the principal comes around an said "can I get dome silence in here now please"

Immediately the cafeteria was Slient then she continue an said "as from the next two week coming their will be no school because of a teachers conference, the teachers an I are going to USA for the conference for the two weeks, that all I want to say you may now carry on with your lunch"

An she walked off to her office, I turn to asked rayhan something but he wasn't beside of me, I shrug an decided that am going back outside

As I made my way out I felt strong arms pulling my back I turn an found myself starring onto rayhan eyes then he said "come here don't go I want to introduce you to a few of my friends"

I smile an nodded at him an stared to walked with him to a table it has 5 person sitting their, three girls an two boys

"Hey guys" rayhan said then he look at me an said he point at brown hair guy he has brown eyes an he is of light brown complexion "that is carl "

Then he point at one of the girls at the table, she has Carl skin colour, black curly hair an blue eyes " she is crystal Carl mate"

I smile at both of them an said "hi"

Then he point at another girl she has dark brown hair, she is naturally brown skin like me an she has dark brown eyes, you have to look properly to see it or else you will think its black " she is shanaya but you can call her Shana"

Then he turn to the last girl, she has blond hair bright brown eyes an lighter brown skin, I heard rayhan growl when he saw her so I put my hands on his arm an he looked at me an smile an said

"Who is that"

"That Celine" he growl I removed my hand from his arm at the same time an he turn an look at me with an apologic look in his eyes

I smile an nodded "let's sit" he said an we join the table

"Well rayhan you leave me out man" fidel said oh yes I almost forget to say fidel was their

"Shut up fidel" rayhan said " am Shana is fidel mate"

I looked at her an smile, she looked at me an said since he is telling you about us why don't you tell us who you are ?"

"Am Diana, am a transfer from Glenville's high school" I reply

"What your a Glenville night school student" Shana asked

"Yes I am " i reply

"That mean your a excellent in all your subjects then because you have to have high grades to go to Glenville high"

I smile an nodded I was so proud of myself

"So why did you move come here" crystal asked

"Because my parents, they own businesses a lot an we been moving around a lot so when we got here we decided that we will settle here" I reply

"That's cool then you can join our group" crystal said with excitement in her eyes

"Right another bitch in the group again" I hear Celine mumbles

Every turn to look at her I look at her an to see how she is looking at me I can tell she doesn't like me one bit, then I hear a growl beside me I nearly jump out of the seat

I turn an saw that rayhan eyes are turn black, " please clam down" I mumble in his ear

An then I notice his eyes were getting back to normal

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