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Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story.

Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story

When all is lost and love is tragic, cast a spell, it's called black magic...

Leigh-Anne spun around. 'Did you guys hear that?'

'Hear what?' Jade asked as she looked back over her shoulder. The alley they had been walking down for the past five minutes was deserted. Every now and then a stray cat would pounce out from an overstuffed trash can and scare the girls. Jesy's scream was the loudest.

'These cats are driving me insane! Whenever I've passed for school, there's never been this many. It might be a sign,' Jesy said as she tried to go back on herself. Perrie stopped her.

'Seriously guys, did you not hear that?' Leigh-Anne repeated.

Perrie looked around cautiously. 'Hear what?'

'I think somebody said something, but it was more like a whisper, and maybe a group of people saying it.'

An evident chill ran down Jesy's spine as her body violently shook at Leigh-Anne's words. 'Did you really have to tell me that?'

'Strange. I might have imagined it.'

'Please don't scare me like that,' said Jesy, now tightly sandwiched in between Leigh-Anne and Jade. 'We must be crazy going to a store at this time for crazy witchy stuff.'

'It was your idea to come to this place,' Jade reminded her. 'You sure it's open?'

'It's a witch store... of course it's open! They probably get their best sales at the witching hour or something.'

Perrie brushed against something wet. She bumped into Leigh-Anne, causing a domino effect on the girls. A shriek escaped her mouth. She looked at what it was. 'Oh, it was just a trash bag. Somebody didn't put it in properly.'

She laughed it off, though the other girls weren't so impressed. 

The moon could be seen in the distance, its perfect orb-shape was fractured by the bridge that soon approached. The store was nearby; the only light had been from street lamps, but now an orange glow was in sight. 

'Oh I've been here before,' Leigh-Anne said as they turned the corner and were now standing in front of the store. 'Well, I haven't been inside, but I've seen it. I always thought this was just a dusty old bookshop.'

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