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A visit from the Head Master

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Severus had gotten the owl and replied back. He was going to make a call to the Malfoy Manor and they were expecting him any moment now. Just on cue the doorbell rang and Draco let in Severus. Just like his normal self he was sullen, his hair long and black and his eyes darker then coal.

"Draco" He greeted kindly.

"Hello Severus" He replied back.

The two made their way into the sitting room where they sank into the seats opposite the fire place.

"You are wanting Trixie to come to Hogwarts after missing out on her first year completely and the first week of her second am I correct?" Severus asked

Draco looked round the room and nodded his head. "Yes you see sir my daughter can't talk and so we had her in a special muggle school."

"Then why do you want her in Hogwarts. Isn't she doing well?"

"Just this morning she came across her Hogwarts letters that Hermione kept for memories. She wants to go."

Severus looked around the room before his eyes fell back on Draco. "Well where is the girl"

Draco stood to his feet and sighed. "It's nice to see you are still the same guy that taught me all those years ago. It would be weird if you turned soft on us." Draco headed out of the room and returned a few minutes later with Trixie at his heels and Hermione on his flank. "Severus this is Trixie."

Severus got to his feet and walked a slow circle around her. "Why is she pale? Is she sick?" Severus asked.

Draco shook his head. "That's her natural skin color."

"Why is she dressed like that? Hogwarts isn't a beauty pagent." Severus snapped. "Nevermind I don't care what the reason is." Several times he glared down at her before he nodded his head. "I'll allow her to come but don't think for a minute she will be getting any special treatement because of her set back."

Trixie turned to her father and yanked on his sleeve. "Why is he so mean?" She signed.

"That's how he is love. Don't worry he has great knowlege to make up for his lack of personality. I'm sure he will warm up to you though." Draco signed back.

Trixie giggled a bit. "Tell him I said thank you"

Draco nodded. "My daughter wants you to know she said thank you."

"I'm on a tight schedule as well I have a school to run so I would appreciate it if we could move things along."

"Oh yes well thank you for your time and we will be seeing her to Hogwarts soon." Hermione replied.

"If you want her to be part of the future alumni to Hogwarts I suggest that she come now. I don't have time to be putting things off that I could be doing now so lets move along now yes?"

Draco turned to his daughter and began signing. "You will be going to Hogwarts with Headmaster Snape okay?"

"Now?" She signed back. Draco nodded his head. "But I don't have my things?"

"Your mother and I will go to Diagon Alley and purchase them right away. You will have them by Monday. For now go and enjoy your weekend and get to know people." Draco signed back

"Say hello to your brother and sister for me okay love?"

Trixie moved forward and threw her arms around her parents. "I love you" She signed before she headed off with her new Headmaster.

The two had to apparate because Trixie was unable to speak so she couldn't use Floo powder. The moment they were gone Hermione began crying in Draco's arms.

"It's been so long since we've had an empty nest what are we going to do?"

Draco wrapped his arms around his wife and held her tight. "I have no idea." he replied.

It had only been less than five minutes since their daughter had left for Hogwarts and still Draco caught himself wondering what she was doing. He was sitting in his arm chair before the fire in the tea room when Hermione walked in.

"I think I am going to teach" Hermione spoke.

Draco turned his head in Hermione's direction. "What?"

"There is a spot opening up at Hogwarts as the Arithmancy teacher and I am going to take it."

Draco rose to his feet and crossed the room slowly. "You know with this you won't be home every night right?"

Hermione shook her head. "I'm not a head of house, just a teacher so I can return but I have to be back in time for my classes. I will be able to have the floo network synced up so I can easily travel back and forth."

Draco took Hermione's hands into his own and kissed them. "As long as you are happy."

Hermione met his beautiful sparkling grey eyes and smiled.

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