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Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story.

Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story

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The day of Blaine's party was a nightmare for the girls. During the day, Leigh-Anne had to gather some supplies for the epic sleepover they were going to have that night, including a stock-pile of sweets and ingredients to make the tastiest cocktails. Her heart reached out to Perrie, who sulked over her split, and she knew that her sleepover would either make or break the Christmas holiday that was fast approaching.

She did not want Perrie's, or the girls' Christmas holiday to be ruined by boys.

Jesy offered to accompany Leigh-Anne, knowing most shops were going to be jam-packed with everyone buying presents. 

'I think we just need mint leaves and that's it,' Leigh-Anne told Jesy, reading from an extensive shopping list. Jesy's eyes flashed up and down the shelves of their busy aisle.

'And we definitely have the Thornton's chocolate selection box?' Jesy asked. 

'Definitely. My uncle always gets me it for Christmas so my family opens the gifts from our relatives as soon as they leave the house,' Leigh-Anne answered. Her trolley was now extremely heavy and it took a lot of upper-body strength to stop it from bumping into the trolleys of other people. 

'And have you spoken to Jade at all today?'

'Not really, she's been very quiet since yesterday. She always puts on a brave face though.'

Jesy agreed. 'We are going to have to dig deep tonight. We are going to put everything out on the table so that we can face our last week at school before Christmas and then enjoy ourselves over New Year's.' 

'I couldn't agree more,' Leigh-Anne said. 

Once the girls got everything they needed, Jesy helped Leigh-Anne take all of the shopping home on the bus before leaving for her own house to get sorted. There was only 4 hours to go and Leigh-Anne had a lot to prepare.

Her parents left for the night, allowing her to crank up a little Spice Girls and Fifth Harmony as she danced through the house. She picked up any laundry from the floor and sorted glasses and entertainment for the night. 

She soon realised she still had plenty of time before the sleepover, and in her boredom, she started to scroll through her Instagram feed. Before long, she came across several people in her class getting ready for Blaine's party. 

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