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'We almost thought you girls weren't going to show up,' Jade said as Perrie and Leigh-Anne walked into Cafè Gourmand

'We almost thought you girls weren't going to show up,' Jade said as Perrie and Leigh-Anne walked into Cafè Gourmand. The girls went there every Friday morning for the Parisian ambience of the small nook of a place, tightly buried between bigger buildings. Lexington Street, a rather petite street compared to the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and Regent Street, housed the hidden gem, making it lesser known and thus less busy than the bigger chains of coffee shops.

This one was just perfect for them to gossip.

'I texted you guys yesterday and I got no reply from either of you,' Jesy scolded them as she was already sitting next to Jade. She used the coffee mug to warm her hands. Perrie and Leigh-Anne sat at their small table and took their coats off.

'I'm so sorry,' Perrie began, at first contemplating giving a fake excuse, but decided otherwise. 'I met with Blaine to ask him if I could go to his party tomorrow.'

Jade and Jesy both leaned in. 'How did that go?' Jade asked.

'Basically told me he never wants to be seen in public with me,' Perrie confessed. 'He's embarrassed by how I act sometimes and what I like. Was also not impressed with our sleepovers.'

Jesy scoffed. 'I don't care how old we get, if I want a sleepover with my girls, it's happening. That reminds me, Leigh-Anne, yours tomorrow?'

'Absolutely,' she replied. 'We will have a much better time at mine than you would have at Blaine's party, Perrie.' Leigh-Anne put a consolidating hand on her shoulder.

'Yeah, I know we will,' Perrie replied with a half-efforted smile. 'Let's get our drinks before we start hounding each other with our problems.'

It took barely five minutes for Perrie and Leigh-Anne to grab a couple of gingerbread lattes and pain au chocolats. They sat back down in a hurry, desperate to spill everything amongst their tight-knit circle.

'Did you guys know that Gary is gay?' Leigh-Anne asked. The other three girls looked at her mid-drink, unable to reply. Leigh-Anne's mouth dropped. 'Oh my God, how was I the only one to not know?!'

'To be fair, I fancied him when I first laid eyes on him too,' Jesy said with a mouth full of coffee. A drop ran down her chin. 'But I knew he was gay when I saw how nice he was. Seriously, the guys in our school are absolute dicks.'

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