Time To Get Down To Business

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I pulled up to the ware house not knowing what the fuck to think. I knew it had to be some shit that I didn't want to deal with.


''This all I got man I swear just let me go. We suppose to be boys.''

''Naw fuck that I told you it was enough room for us all to eat , but no you ain't want to listen now my patience is high and you outta time.''

I walked in the spot seeing my right hand man T holding a gun to some nigga face while about 5 niggas was watching him. I've been knowing T for a minute and that nigga has always been a hot head. Ever since I moved to New York he's been there. One thing I knew for sure is you did not want to get on his bad side.

* POW * I heard a loud noise go off right in front of me. This shit couldn't be good , it never was with T. This nigga was crazy as hell.

''AHHHHH SHIT you shot my fucking hand man.''The guy said.

''And I'ma shoot the other hand if you don't tell me what the fuck I wanna hear.''

''I don't know nothing man I swear.''The guy said crying like a little Bitch and shit.


''AHHHHHHHHH.''The man started to cry and said ''Okay okay okay okay man it was C-note he told me to keep half of the cash cause he ain't trust you to give him his cut man that's all I know.''

T walked up closer to the guy and smiled ''now that's all you had to say" T was directly in this nigga face and shit. Next thing I know T grabs him by his neck and pushed him into a room.

''Y'all niggas handle that shit for me, ace my nigga, what's up?''T said walking over to me.

''Nothing much you called me remember?''I said

I didn't know what was going on with him and that other niggga nor did I want to be apart of it so I didn't ask nothing. Me and T rock with the same people and so whenever they need me I'm there. I've never got my hands dirty really, but whenever they needed a spot to stash something or needed me to handle a drop I did. I was always smooth when it came to that shit and T loved that I was loyal he knew I had his back that's why when he ate so did I.

"Alright smart ass let's step outside for a minute B. '' T said waking to the front door with me right behind him.


''That's  yo new baby huh?" He said pointing at my ride.

"Yeah man I just got her.''I said looking at my whip myself.

''My nigga.'' he said while pulling out a blunt and lightning it.

"So I needed to tell you I'm gone need you some time this week to drop off some stuff to my connect in queens.''

Truth  be told I was tired of doing shit for T. Getting caught always came across my mind and now that Mel down here I ain't wanna be involved in nothing crazy, but T was my nigga and I figured he'd never lead me wrong so I said yes.

''Alright man just send me the info and when you need me.''I said

''My nigga .... good looking out and you already know I'ma have something real nice waiting for you believe that.''

We started to chop it up about a few more things and then crack head tony showed up. Tony was a og crack head that man been on crack ever since I could remember.

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