Cry me a river

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Chapter 28: Cry me a river

"Before you step inside the estate, remember one thing, every single action will have consequences, Victoria. Please remember that." Daniels whispered to her slowly. He might have been hiding the smile on his lips while facing the window, but he still didn't want something to happen to the fragile girl. She softly nodded her head before she opened the car door.

Her pace didn't show an angry girl, her breathing didn't and her face was just the same as always, cold, ice-cold. Her steps were steady. They never increased when she could almost see the door. Nothing about her exterior told people that she was a hurricane on her way to destruction. But inside.

Inside, she was nothing more than a mind full of betrayal, veins pumping  with anger and a heart  filled with pain. Victoria wanted nothing more than get some justice for the men and women that died by her supposed to be hand. She did understand the anger in her body, but how could there be so much pain.

Pain that was screaming at her to just stop and watch the world pass by while the tears slowly trailed out of her eyes. Her heart was hurting, but the anger was like waves crashing over her pain, forming an armor of pure revenge for the betrayal.

She saw the giant double doors in front of her. The watchdogs looked up for a second when they heard the soft footsteps, but they dropped their heads as soon as their eyes fell on Victoria. She wished they would stop her. Stop her from making a big mistake.

Victoria had gained free passage of his office when everyone heard how important she was. Her hands stilled at the handle of the door. Why could no one predict what was going to happen once she opened the door?

But when the watchdog on her left threw her a glance; it was all too late, she had already opened the heavy door, but his reactions were all too slow. He saw her reaching for the bloodied knife in her pants and when Arsen West turned around to ask what was going on, the knife sliced over his chest. The buttons sprang from his black dress shirt and one by one they tumbled to the ground, next followed the phone in his hands with the deep voice of a man on the other side of line and that had happened in approximately one dangerous second.

She tried to lung at him again, but it was all over. She felt two strong hands grab her arms and drag her back. She didn't even try to fight the watchdogs. She only looked at Arsen. Who's eyebrows had a deep frown while he looked at his chest. Parts of his skin was visible just as the cut that ran from above his nipple to the underside of his other. It wasn't deep. Blood wasn't seeping out of it. It was just a beautiful red cut that will definitely leave a scar behind. A scar that will be there forever to remind everyone of the betrayal and hurt he inflected on her.

He let people think that she murdered them. He let them created an even bigger fear and disgust for her. She wouldn't murder innocent people.
He betrayed her so deeply that it hurt. Betrayal from the people you know and care about hurts even more and she could barely breath when she looked at him. She wanted to scream and tell him how much she hated him, but she couldn't do anything but wait.

He slowly lifted his head until his eyes fell on the girl in the hands of the watchdogs. His eyes were empty like he barely could believe what just happened. He slowly raised one of hands to the cut. Arsen touched it before he slowly shook his head. She heard him chuckle softly.

Everyone in the room was slowly waiting for Arsen's next move. He took forever and Victoria was counting the second before she would take her last breath. So when he heard his voice. She could feel the walls breaking down.

"Hold her." he stepped forward until his chest almost touched hers. Her chest was moving up and down quickly. She had lowered her head, but her eyes could see the cut on his chest. She barely reacted when they lowered her to the ground until she lied on her back. Her eyes were locket on the ceiling.

"I thought I had made myself clear? I thought you finally understood that the single thing I wanted from you was nothing more than respect and your commitment to the things I ask you to do. And now Victoria, now you have done something that nobody wouldn't even dream of.

"I would kill every single man that would even think of trying to do something foolish such as holding a knife towards me, but you did and for every single action, there is a consequence." she felt him grabbing the knife in her hands. She still hadn't looked at him. Afraid of what to expect from him.

She felt him cut through shirt until her stomach and chest were exposed to him. She had felt the tip of knife slowly scrapping her skin, but not to do any damage to the skin that was already destroyed.

"I gave you Sebastian. I gave you a home, friends, money, a life and still you demand more of me? What is it that you want Victoria? Because I can't give you more." he slowly lowered the knife until it touched the right underside of her breast and then she felt nothing more than pain she remembered so clearly from her past. It wasn't a straight cut. He was writing down letters in blood.
Blood that will turn in nothing more than scars. She felt the knife cutting open the tattooed skin. He did it so slow that it would hurt as much as possible and it did. She could almost feel the knife touching her ribs. She wanted to scream out of agony, but she didn't. And when he drew the last letter she whimpered softy.

"I want you to stop betraying me, but the one thing that want to most  form you is to stop hurting me because I can't take much more." she whispered still with her eyes locked on the ceiling. He didn't response to her statement with words. He answered with actions. His lips slowly kissed her lower stomach and he gently took his time to kiss upwards. And with every soft kiss he gave his answer.

His lips touched the freshly cut under breast and with that she felt the first tear. He kissed over her breast and her nipples until he moved on to her neck. He kissed over her jaw until his lips finally touched hers. They weren't soft, they were hard, but it felt so soft and gentle.

She sighed and opened her mouth when she felt his tongue touching her closed lips. Victoria grabbed for his shoulders to hold on to. Her heart was hurting with every kiss he gave.

He transformed the pain into something entirely different, something so unknown to her. How could he do this her? She just told him that she couldn't handle much more. She was talking about the pain, but now he was taking it away, so what will be left after he took it all away? A wide whole that he will close after some time.

She slowly brought her hands forward to tug of his shirt until her hands touched his muscled back. She felt his hands on her the zipper of her jeans and a little later her jeans lay next to her. His skimmed over her skinny legs until he touched her sex. She gasped when he moved his hand.

"Don't." she said when he pushed his hand closer. The feeling he gave her was so intense that the tears only left her eyes quicker. His lips slowly kissed away the tears. She couldn't handle it. She never had experienced this kind of attention from someone and right in that movement she realized  what she had missed her whole life. She missed the attention from someone who didn't want to break her heart. A man that didn't want her to be a monster.

"It's okay." he whispered while his hands worked on his slacks. Her body was a shivering mess and soft sobs left her mouth.

Victoria was an open book. Her armor was gone, her masked of the cold ice queen fell off and left was the young girl that had the worst history and she couldn't process what ever happened to her. How was she going to continue her plan when he was the only one that will see the real Victoria and it wasn't until he entered her in a quick movement that her heart shattered completely.



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