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She slowly opened her eyes and her gaze fell upon the gentle figure who sat beside her bed. "Mom?" she whispered, weakly. Her mother looked at her nervously, but she forced a smile.
    "How're you feeling?"
    "Just a little weak... what happened?"
    Her mom stiffened. "Zach... he, uh... he attacked you, sweetheart."
    Nico's eyes widened. "No, he would never! Where is he?"
    "He's in the dungeon."
    "I have to go talk to him!" She tried to sit up, but immediately her head began to spin. She laid back down and gently touched her face.
    "Just try to relax right now Nico, it'll be okay," Nico's eyes immediately darted to her father in the corner of the room.
    She spoke softly, "but dad, he didn't do anything wrong..."
    "Then what happened out there?" He asked
    She stopped and pondered this question. What did happen out there? She tried to rethink the events of that day. She remembered leaving with Zach, but then what hap... Her own thought was cut short as the memories came flooding back. She shot up and immediately hissed as her head began to pound.
    Her mom put her hand on Nico's shoulder. "Sweetie, what's wrong?"
    Nico opened her eyes and looked directly into her mother's, "The kingdom is under attack. Or, er... well, it will be."
    Her mother's eyes widened. "Nico, please explain what you're talking about."
    Nico began talking rapidly, "The vision and the kingdom. There's a shadow, the castle is reduced to rubble, and, and... the nets!"
    "Nico, stop. You're babbling. You need to slow down and speak clearly" came the gentle, yet firm command from her father.
    She took a deep breath, and spoke slowly, "While I was out with Zach, I saw a vision. It wasn't very clear, but I'll explain what I saw to the best of my ability. I saw a large shadow over the castle. Merfolk were scattering in a chaotic fashion as parts of the kingdom was reduced to rubble. There also appeared to be something resembling nets."
    "Nets? But, only the humans use nets, and there's no way for them to find us. We have a magical spell in place that keeps them from having any knowledge of our presence, and so long as no one goes to the surface, we're safe from them," her mother reasoned.
    "I know, it's just what I saw. I'm not sure what to think of it either."
    "Let's put the kingdom on lockdown. We need to be sure that no one goes to the surface, because that's the only way our position could be revealed to the humans," her father said.
    "Okay, but I'm going to go find Zach because he didn't do anything wrong. He needs to be released from the dungeon."
    "Be safe, sweetheart" her mother softly cautioned.
    "I will" Nico replied, already pulling the covers off and getting out of bed.

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