Chapter 19

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Arielle was forced awake with a harsh slap. Black dots clouded her vision as she blinked rapidly trying to get rid of them. The room spun and she would have toppled right over if it wasn't for the fact she was strapped into a chair. Arielle jerked her limbs in attempts to free them while her head was still swimming. They wouldn't budge.

"Can't handle your chloroform?" Quipped a very familiar voice.

Arielle zoned right in on Henry, all past signs of drowsiness faded now.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She hissed as she still tugged at restraints.

Henry only smiled. One of true happiness that made Arielle's blood freeze and a dangerous feeling pool in her gut. She barely had time to think of a response before he snapped her wrist.

Arielle doubled over in pain and squeezed her eyes shut to try to block out the pain.

'Fuck, that hurt,' she thought as she felt every fiber in body wanting to curl in on itself.

Henry only smiled.

"Screw you!" She shouted venomously at him.

Henry broke the other wrist. The feeling the second time around was ten times worse. This time her body knew what was happening and had time to react properly to the pain. Tears stung her eyes and Arielle threw her head back, letting out a low groan. Oh, she was gonna kill him when she got out of here.

"Nothing smart to say now?"

Arielle spit in his face. "You're not worth the time."

Henry growled and brought his face closer to Arielle's. Arielle instinctively tried to move back but was trapped in between him and the chair. They both glared at each other. Neither backing down. After a few tense moments, Henry slowly drew back but Arielle didn't relax even the slightest until he stood a few feet away from her. Arielle jumped as he suddenly let out a loud, bark of laughter.

"You can imagine how pleasing this is for me. You've been messing with my plans for too long."


Henry rolled his eyes. "To overthrow the Queen, destroy the kingdom, and put humans in their rightful places."

"Oh god you're so cliche!" Arielle moaned out. "That's your big plan? Like every other freaking vampire in all the books and movies? Can't you be at least some what original? Or are you too simple to think of any other reason?"

Henry sneered. "You're always running your mouth. I've grown tired of it. You're forgetting who's the one tied up here Arielle."

Arielle's eyes flickered around the room, looking for a possible escape route. She was somewhere in the dungeons, in a small chamber she's never been in before. There was a door behind her and slightly to the right. Only one way in and one way out.

"You always underestimate me Arielle. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Selene has taught us better than that. Never underestimate anyone."

"You don't deserve to even speak about her."

"And you do? You like her don't you Arielle?" Henry said as he circled her, like a shark. "I don't blame you. Selene is very powerful and just as beautiful, but she cares nothing about you. Or for anyone else. Just about protecting the Queen."

Arielle noted the small crack in his voice when he said that. Well now this was just awkward. Henry obviously had been rejected by the vampire and he hadn't taken it well.

"And tying me up and breaking my hands are going to make her like you?" Arielle started to laugh from the sheer stupidity of it.

Henry clenched his fist. "No, but I wasn't lying earlier either. Before you showed up, I would have been assigned the rouge cabin alone. After getting 'injured', Selene would feel the need to get me out of there and then I'd kill her. Bring back her body to the Queen and then kill her as well. The rouges would then be free to attack the castle along with everyone in it and vampires would once again rule the world."

"The Elite Guards would stop you."

"That's the funny thing isn't Arielle? They're all on my side. Who do you think has been the one poisoning the Donors?"

Arielle felt dread slowly settle within her. "B-but that was Beckham! He was the one--"

"Are you kidding me? That idiot? The only redeeming quality he has is that he hates humans almost just as much as I do."

"Oh and let me guess, your mommy didn't read you enough bed stories at night did she?"

Henry wrapped a hand around her throat, slowly squeezing until she could barely breath.

"You don't talk about my mother. She was a good-for-nothing drunk and my father no better. You humans are all the same. You preach peace and love but deep down all you want is to destroy each other. You love the violence. You hurt the people around you for the fun of it. Well not us vampires. We do it because it's in our nature. Our DNA is wired to kill, so why shouldn't we? What humanity's excuse?"

In that moment, Arielle felt sadness. A deep, dark sadness that pierced her to her very core. Despite what Selene said about him maturing, Henry was still a thirteen year-old boy. His brain wasn't going to develop any further. He was lashing out like any teenager but his vampirism heightened his reactions. Vampires feel deeper and more intensely. All that anger from his human life carried on and only got magnified with his transformation.

"No, no. I don't need any of your pity." He whispered before pulling away.

They only stared at one another.

"So now what?" She asked tentatively. "Gonna kill me?"

Henry only smiled. Then he was slicing a knife right across her throat. Arielle gasped as the hot liquid spilled from her. She gurgled and jerk once more at her tied hands so that she could, perhaps, stop the bleeding. She couldn't break free and knew she even if she had it wouldn't stop it. Arielle tilted her head back to stare at the torches. She did not want Henry's face to be the last thing she saw.

Suddenly, she started thinking of Selene. How, when she returned, Arielle would be dead and possibly the Queen and Henry was the one who betrayed her. She was thinking how Selene would once more be all alone. That's what Arielle truly was afraid of.

Arielle pictured one of Selene's rare, smiling faces and felt warmth bloom throughout her body.

Without warning, the door was kicked in and animalistic growling filled the room. Arielle turned to see a familiar pale, blonde vampire. Beckham? He was here. Fighting Henry. Maybe, just maybe, she could be saved.

But then her vision blurred and she felt her body begin to grow faint. No, it was too late for her. She was fading. Fast. With the little strength she had left, Arielle lolled her head black towards the torches.

Then, as gently as the wind, they blew out.

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