Fight Club

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The announcer held his mic right in front of his face, projecting his voice around the stadium, "Ladies and gentleman, tonight we have a special fight between the champion, Gerard Way," a few interrupting cheers erupt from the crowd, "and the challenger, Frank Iero!" More cheers are heard.

"Now, what is so special about this fight, you might ask, but the importance is simple. If Frank Iero wins, he will be the youngest champion in the history of these robot fights. Now fighters, take your seats and get ready. The first round will begin in five minutes," the announcer went back to the box.

A red haired man and a black haired man both made their way to the two fighting seats set at the front of the auditorium facing the two robots ready for them. They sat down in the huge arm chairs connected to their control panel.

     "Good luck, Way," Frank wished politely.

     "I think you'll need it more Iero," Gerard smirked. Frank cringed at the mispronunciation of his last name.

     Frank then made the mistake of looking his opponent in the eye. Two hazel spheres in the other man's head, two beautiful hazel spheres at that.

     "Got a problem?" Gerard asked, clearly fazed by the black haired man staring at him directly through his eyes. Not that he hasn't noticed Frank's which were quite amazing, but Frank probably wouldn't be interested in anything more than this robot fight.

     "Fighters, good luck, get in your starting positions and, in three, two, one, GO!" a gunshot announced the beginning of the fight.

So I hope y'all liked that for the first part of this story. If you didn't know, this is based off the music video for the song Professional Griefers by Deadmau5 featuring Gerard Way. To be honest, I just clicked on the video because I saw Gerard's name on it, but I found a song that I love and I'm obsessed with it because I'm always listening to it now. This is a really short chapter, but I promise you, the others will definitely be longer. This chapter also doesn't have a lot of Frerard in it, but future chapters will. If you need help "seeing" the characters, imagine Revenge era Frank and Gerard from the Professional Griefers. If you wanna understand the story a bit more, you should probably watch the music video for the song, it's interesting. Anyway, I should probably stop before the author's note is longer than the actual chapter, so enjoy reading the rest of the story, and keep it fishy smol lobsters!

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