"STACEY, wake the hell up you piece of trash before your late to school again!!!" my drunk step-father, yelled up the stairs.

 "I'm up and I'm leaving now to go to school. Bye, tell mom I love her." I said before I ran out the back door to meet my step-brother at his car." Why the hell you didn't wake me?" I ask Tyson as I reach his car. "Because I'm not always going to be here to wake you up and you need to be ready for that day!" he said to me like I should have already known what he was planning. "But wait aren't we the same age..... HELL, even our birthdays are the same, you freaking idiot" I said smacking him in the back of his head. 

Even though Tyson and i are not related by blood, he very much my real brother. And he always been their for me, he was my best friend before he be came my step-brother. We first met in first grade I have saved him from drowning but really i just told a teacher that a boy fell in the school pool. After that we became best friends and so did our parents. We had both of our parents I had my dad and mom and he had his. My dad and his mom was very close, but no one was sure how close until one day  they ran off together. 

And its all my fault that my mom is unhappy and I'm the reason my step-father drink so much alcohol. its all because of me that Tyson mother and my father meet and ran off together and i killed my unborn baby brother because of the stress my mother was feeling about my father running off with someone she trust she got weak and weaker and so did the baby. ITS ALL MY FAULT  I DON'T DESERVE HAPPINESS....

                                                                Chapter One 

I walk into the school and trying to make my way to my locker with out being seen but that's impossible for me. "Woooooowwwwww look at Stacey, she looks prettier then yesterday." someone whisper "i wonder how she get her hair so smooth and shiny" someone else said "well i think she is a stuck up b*tch that needs to learn even though she got money she isn't the fucking queen of the world." said someone else. that was a knife throw my heart, i turned around to see just who said it. Catherine, my old best friend from when Tyson and i first started to hang out . i tried to keep my eyes on the floor as i walked not wanting to see judgment  on everyone face about me. i couldn't let them see me cry they would think i was weak and a person they could just push around.

   As i tried to move faster i bumped in to someone, i looked up to say sorry." I'm very sorry excuse me." i never seen this guy before, his eyes was beautiful they just seem to look deep inside of me finding out all my dark secrets. he must be new i guess, he was tall maybe a whole foot taller then me, look like he could be on the football team but also a skater. muscles but his face look so gentle, long light brown hair that go to his shoulder almost the same length of hair of me, creamy white skin, big round hazel eyes that look as if they can see in to your soul, and his lips look so sexy as he smirk so amazing bet he would look so cute without that smirk on his face... but why is he smirking at me? 

"are u ever going to stop checking me out and let me pass" he said in a light deep voice that make my legs like jell-o.... wait what did he just say to me, oh no have i been here checking him out and not have gotten out of his way, OMG I'm still in his way. "I'm sorry" was all i said before all my stuff in my hand went flying and I'm on my butt. someone had just pushed me. 

 "are you okay?" said the new guy giving me a hand to help me up." once i was off the floor i tried to find the one that push me and answer him at the same time. " yea, I'm fine just a little confuse."  the girl that called me a (stuck up b*tch) came in to my eye sight "I'm sooooooooo sorry" she said in a way that made it sound like she didn't mean it. "i didn't see you standing right their to bad you wasn't fast enough to move out of my way." i couldn't say anything to what she just said but i knew i was about to start crying so i just ran out the hallway where all my stuff was on the floor, where that girl was, where all the laughter was, and the new guy. 

 i just started to run i didn't know where i was going and i didn't really care at all. i was out of breath but i didn't want to stop i felt to arms around me and pulled me in to a janitor closet. i was being hold tightly i  could tell it was Tyson because he always hold me like this when ever i cry. i couldn't hide what i was feeling any more i cried and cried it felt like hours passed but i didn't care anymore all i cared about right now.

No one knows how thankful i was to have Tyson and how sweet it was of him to let me cry all over his t shirt.... i froze Tyson didnt have on a t shirt today he was wearing his favorite wool sweater, who was i cryin on? and why have he let me do so??? "Tyson this is you, right?" i said in a very weak voice." sorry but im not your Tyson" he said it so soft, i remember this voice its the new guy voice. why is he still hugging me so tightly. 

i pulled back to look at his face but it was to dark in here i couldnt see anything, why did he let me just cry all over him. why did he run after me? why was he so nice to someone like me? im a complete stranger to this guy but hes holdin me like he always known me since befor that day. tears ran down my face again i couldnt hold them in any longer. i was silent but still cried and i heard a bell. 

"i'll be right back, dont leave this closet please dont leave" he said as he open the door a crack, the light hit his face. "please dont leave me again" he said in a low whisper as he left me in the closet and closed the door behind him, it sounded like he was talkin to his self more then he was talkin to me. why did he look so sad, like he was using all his strengh to not cry. why would he be sad? why did he look so... sad and ... HURT.  

What did he mean by (please dont leave me again) did we meet before? 

** new guy POV's**

why did i leave her, like i did? what had happen that made her forget about me completely? i never stop thinking of her, if only i could have stayed. why didnt i fight more and harder to stay, if only i stay every thing would be different, damn it all to hell. its all my fault damn. I punshed the wall as hard as i could. the only thing i could think of is how i left her in the hospital like that. 

All i could hear was "isn't that the new, guy why is punching the wall" and omg he is hurt bad, there blood on the wall!" i don't deserve to be back in her life!!! im should be alone forever!!! why, why, why did this had to happen? i couldnt stop the tears that started to run down my face? i just cant believe she don't remember me....


 Its a pic of Stacey***

I think i did it write im new to this writing thing, i never did this but once when i was little but my grandma wanted me to write her a story... im off topic, srry tell me wat u think and please if u have anythin like how i can improve my writin please tell me.... -_-    idk why sat my fave face  but its so cute.... thier i go agian off topic srry well just tell me wat u think....

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