1) Prolouge

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A sharp knock on the door brought Charlie away from his studies.

A young servant stood at the door. She bowed in his presence. "Prince, you're Mother has requested to see you."

"I am in trouble?" His Mother was busy, with the ongoing war with the Quill terrorists lately. It was rare for her to call on him. It was even rarer for any talks from his parents to be good. 

"No. She says this will greatly benefit you." Charlie still wasn't convinced. He tended to disagree with what his parents idea of what was best for him. Especially since he was seventeen, an age where Royals tended to marry. At least  the war with the Quill meant his arranged marriage to their Queens niece had dissolved.

Still, a good prince did not complain out of the privacy of his own head, so he followed the messenger to the royal meeting room in tense silence.

"Charlie." His Mother smiled kindly at him. She had been talking to a man who now leaned against the newest addition to the room, a blue box that almost reached the ceiling. The man was dressed strangely in a dark suit.

"Mother, you wanted me?"

"Take a seat." Charlie did as she asked. Maps of the city were scattered over the desk with scribbles of her neat writing on them. "Charlie, before I start talking, you must be open minded and promise to listen."

Charlie nodded, alright dread was curling in his stomach. It seemed like another marriage alliance was going to be suggested.

"The war with the Quill has reached a critical point." Charlie nodded again, he had been updated on Rhodias politics. (It was his duty to know.) "Just yesterday they attacked the royal courtroom. They're getting closer to castle and I'm starting to worry about your safety."

"Your not suggesting I move to the bunker again?" Charlie couldn't stand the small space. Initially he had stayed there but could only handle being trapped their for two days before the anxiety got too bad he had to be moved.

"No. I understand that method of protecting you is not viable option." The queen stopped her worried pacing and took a seat next to her son. "But I made a call to an old protector of the stars." She gestured to the seemingly ordinary man leaning against the box casually. "What do you know of Earth?"

"I know a little of their language and history."

"I believe it would be a good idea for you to move there. For your own safety." The queen gave her son an affectionate look, one which was rare. "An entire galaxy should keep you safe from the Quills threats I believe."

"You want to send me away?" Charlie asked. "A galaxy away to a foreign planet?" The idea seemed crazy.

"This was hard for me to process too. You are my only child and I love you."

Not enough. Charlie thought miserably. Not enough to share your soul with me. Not enough to treat as more than a politic chess piece. Not enough. Never enough.

"You'll be staying with a human family that works with UNIT." The old man spoke up. "You can call me the Doctor and I'm here to help."

"How long will I be gone?" Charlie asked. It didn't seem like he had a choice. It was best not to argue. That wouldn't be very regal of him.

The queen looked away guilty. "As long as it takes Charlie."

"Will I be able to talk to you?" Despite rocky relations with them, Charlie couldn't leave his parents and never hear anything back. Moving to another planet would be lonely enough anyway.

The queen stood up to embrace her son. "We'll work something else. But it is urgent you go now, we have reason to believe the Quill wish to harm you."

"Can I bring my stuff?" Charlie resented himself for asking the right questions. But rather go with grace then kicking and screaming.

"You'll be able to buy what you need on earth. But bring some books, I would suggest science, humans of the 21st century are very behind." The queen kissed the top of his head softly in a form of goodbye. "I will miss you very much Charlie."

The young prince had his head in a daze as he walked though the castle for what seemed to be the last time. The idea of moving to a whole new world was scary but it must be better than the war filled one his once civilised world was changing into.

Charlie had never liked his room much. It was one of the biggest in the castle, in fact his Mother had extended due to his claustrophobia. But it never felt homely. Yet Charlie knew he would miss it. Within the walls he had practised speeches, learnt to draw and paint, read countless books. Leaving it all behind made his heart feel heavy.

Tracing the bookshelf, his favourite part of the room Charlie felt himself mourning Rhodia before he had even left it.

Charlie didn't pack science books as his Mother had suggested but picked up an old book of Rhodian fairy tales instead. It had been in the Royal family for a century and the decaying and dusty pages held more about his culture than any of his science books would.

With arms full of heavy books and a sketch pad he couldn't bring himself to leave behind, Charlie stepped behind the Doctor into his box. It was huge on the inside with a futuristic feel.

Many people had focused on the fact it was bigger on the inside but all Charlie could thing about was how it was taking him away from his home.

Charlie whispered a last goodbye as the world around him vanished to the sound of a wheezing time machine.

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