I felt a presence beside me as I woke up in an unknown bed in an unknown room.Panic over took me "Where am I ?"I thought.Still feeling the presence beside me I slowly but silently turned by head to see the most beautiful man in the world.He was just soo breath taking.He had a scar along the side of his face.I fought the urge to hold him close to me and to snuggle my face into this mans bare chest."Why am I thinking these in-coherent thoughts".I silently crept out of the king sized bed.I gradually Ti-Toed to the bathroom.As I closed the bathroom door I heard a rustle come from the bed.My entire body froze in place.I did not move nor did I breathe.Seconds later panic and fear filled me.I began to slowly relax my body and silently brushed my teeth and fix my hair.As I walked out of the bathroom hit my head against something hard not watching where I was going."Oww!!" I winced as I stood up.My left leg hurt like crazy.My eyes were met with the most amazing ocean blues.My piercing green eyes were nothing compared to these tantalizing blues."Are you alright?" asked a melodic voice."Y-y-yes" I stuttered."Whats wrong with me?Hes just a man".Good the mysterious stranger said content in his face."What am I doing here?Where am I?and Who are you?". "Oh excuse me where are my manners?Hello I am Blade"."Hi I'm Violet.Nice to meet you"."And I you fair maiden".I felt my face turn red hott.

Blade's POV

When I say here blush I felt my heart flutter.She was soo beautiful.My eyes never left her.I noticed her squirm uncomfortably under my intense gaze."Would you like something to eat Violet?" "Yes thank you very much" was all she said."Follow me I'll give you the grand tour of my home"."OK" she said in a small voice.


This is my first story to be posted on wattpad soo plz tell me what you think and plzz be honest about what you think of my story.Your comments good or bad will help me improve my writing soo thank you:)

P.S  I put Amy Lee as Violet her pictures on the side. If anyone has someone they'd perfer be violet just shoot me a message k. :D

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