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The Rise Of Rufio (story layout)

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        The Lost Boys take it upon themselves to take charge after Peter Pan decides to fall in love and leave Nevernever Land. Immediately Tinker Bell understands that the young Lost Boys will be too high at risk should Hook ever find out Peter is no longer with them. Even though the Lost Boys' loyalty was great towards Tinker Bell, she knew she could never fill Peter’s shoes; the Lost Boys will need a new mentor.

        Tinker Bell again returns to Earth. Though heartbroken from Peter Pan’s decision to grow up and marry Wendy’s grand daughter, Tinker Bell avoids flying to London but instead ventures to the many orphanages sprouting in America do to poverty. There is where Tinker Bell observes the alpha males and potential canidates for the Lost Boys new leader. After observing a few bullies and bad eggs, she runs into an older boy named Rufio. Un like any other, Rufio loves looking after his fellow orphans though he knows they will soon leave him like the ones before them. Being an older orphan, Rufio’s chances of adoption were looking more and more unlikely. With resentment towards adults who only seem to want to take Rufio’s friends away from him, Tinker Bell easily finds her perfect candidate. She convinces Rufio to visit Nevernever Land for a span of one week.

        Once in Neverland, it takes but a couple of days for the Lost Boys to reject Rufio with crude and unwelcomed hazing. Tinker Bell quickly tries to discipline the Lost Boys and reminds Rufio that he promised to stay for at least the duration of one week. In rebellious anger, Rufio leaves the Lost Boys arguing to Tink that he never agreed on “where” in Neverland he had to stay. Rufio leaves the Lost Boys and makes a fishing pole to beggin his survivale. It is here when he has a run in with the Mermaids for a short adventure of his own...

MEANWHILE; The Lost Boys feel the need to prove to themselves and to Tinker Bell that they no longer need a leader or mentor. For the ultimate proof, the lost boys turn out a plan to defeat Hook once and for all.

Lost Boy #1: “They say that old crock is cursed for eternity to strike fear in the fearless! Hook’s scared to death of that old Crock and that’s exactly how we’ll do it!”

BACK WITH RUFIO: As the night falls quickly, Rufio is forced to leave the Mermaids but has a dangerous run in shortly thereafter with the nocturnal wild life of Neverland. As a task given by Tinker Bell to keep an eye on Rufio, Princess Tiger Lilly of the local Indians intervenes and saves Rufio’s life before taking him to her tribe. The Indian tribe welcomes Rufio with open arms, something very new and very uncomfortable to Rufio as it gave him little reason to lash out should he want to leave or retreat. Sensing the slight anxiety, Princess Tiger Lilly takes Rufio away and to the nearby caves to show him something of interest. Inside the caves, Princess Tiger Lilly lights the drawings on the wall by fire as she begins to explain the legacy that is Peter Pan. There is when Rufio gets a sense and respect for this Peter Pan everyone’s been talking about and how Peter Pan has been protecting Neverland for quite some time now. With a clearer head and empty stomach, they return to the Indian tribe for a dinner party. The Neverland Indians initiate Rufio into their tribe with a new tri hawk hair dew and an unlocked power animal “The wolf” which is where Rufio develops his signature howl.

MEANWHILE: Back with the Lost Boys; they successfully lure the Big Old Crock using old garments of Hook’s clothing that still carried his sent. They lure the Crock under loosened planks right underneath a familiar walking path they knew Hook would take each morning. Waiting for the right moment, the Lost Boys quickly remove the loosened boards from underneath and watch Hook fall helplessly into the belly of the beast. Though the Crock doesn’t swallow Hook, with miraculous dumb luck, Hook manages to not only escape but defeats the Crock and later has the Crock stuffed and mounted in the town center as a trophy. This sends chills down the Lost Boys spine as they never expected to need a plan B.

        Hook is devastated at the attempt for his life and even more so after hearing of Peter Pan’s disappearance. Hook evaluates the facts; he just defeated his number two enemy (The Crock) and his number one enemy (Peter Pan) is nowhere to be found! With refueled vengeance, Hook retaliates by locating and burning down the Lost Boys tree house. Capturing many Lost Boys in the process Hook begins his rain over Neverland like no one has ever seen in its story. The few boys that managed to escape quickly beg for Tink to go and retrieve Peter; this is much too important, Nevernever Land needs his help. Tinker Bell quickly agrees and shoots off to Earth but returns with devastating yet confusing news.

Tinker Bell: "From what I gathered he's on some moon made of Honey! I don’t know where that moon is!!" (Peter Pan is on his Honeymoon)
As word gets out of Hook’s tyrannies across the land, Rufio ultimately takes on the challenge. Rufio saves Neverland with amazing leadership and support of the Indians as he makes a lasting impression on hook, hoping to one day surpass Peter Pan’s legacy with the dream of defeating Hook in a one on one battle.-- As the Lost Boys praise and accept Rufio as their new mentor, Tinker Bell is left smiling to herself seeing clear she has picked a perfect leader yet again.  

The End...

Written and Written By: Rigo Miller :) Full Story Coming Soon.. well eventually…

Cover art generously contributed by: Americanbeauty87 @

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