Chapter 23.

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A short chapter ( about 1800 words) since it has one big revelation ! Next within 48 hours to compensate for the short length:)

Suman's POV.

Drop a bomb and disappear, that is what you just did Shravan Malhotra.

Skype! Who will tell the time?

Who does he think he is? Shahrukh Khan? Am I supposed to wait till the high and mighty Shravan Malhotra calls?

I put my foot down on the floor from the bed and winced. It still ached slightly. Pushkar of course had fled away almost immediately after escorting me to my bed. At least he had had the good sense to send Preeti over with an ice pack and had taken Rahul away with him.

Silly goose! I could have had a meeting with a prospective client had he not blundered.

My phone buzzed as a message came in.


'Hey! I hope your foot is better. I have requested the people who we were supposed to meet today for a meeting another day and they have agreed. Will day after tomorrow be okay?'

I smiled as I read the message. He really is a sweet guy.

'Sure, sounds good. Thank you Rahul.' I pressed send and almost immediately received his response, 'Always welcome.'

I sighed and put my phone away and looked around. This was so crazy. It was past noon and I had been sitting in my room doing nothing. Preeti had even brought my lunch to my room saying Manju Mami had asked me to rest my foot and not walk around.

Knowing my Mami that spelled trouble. I sighed thinking of the silent treatment and indirect taunts that I would be facing for the next few days.

Not much I could do about that. Might as well use it well and sleep I thought as I pulled Teddy to myself and lied down.

I smiled as I tucked my head close to Teddy remembering how pissed I had been thinking this was for Pinky and had been so jealous of Pinky- Jealous? I frowned. Was I jealous? No no of course not. Suman Tiwari is never jealous of anyone, I told myself firmly and closed my eyes in the hope of an afternoon nap.

Shravan's POV.

I paced impatiently in my room as I waited for that call from Richard. It was still early, not yet Ten in the morning and I knew it's too soon to get anything. In fact I may not get anything at all by having Ben's phone tapped.

When his name flashed on my phone right then I pretty much answered on the first ring. " Tell me? Did he call anyone?" I barked into the phone too bothered even to greet.

"Okay good. So whom did he call?" I asked as anticipation built within me.

"What?" I exclaimed at what he said.

'That is what it is Shravan. He called up just one number and that is our office British Investigators! He called our landline number about five minutes back. He was probably waiting for our offices to open.'

"Who did he ask for? What is the message?" I asked impatiently.

'It was a bulletin board message.' Richard said.

I groaned inwardly. I knew what Bulletin Board message was at the BI office. Basically a top secret message where even who the instigator is, is not disclosed. The message is left at reception and written down on their bulletin board and the concerned person would read it, without anyone realising what it was about. Most of the time the message was in code! This was to ward off any possibilities to tapping phones.

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