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Fall: Alfred why is it that you've started 81% of wars since World War 2?! In the entire world since then there's been 248 wars. WE'VE STARTED 201 OUT OF 248!!!

America: ...

Fall: Explain yourself damn it

America: Because I like to see them wither in pain and uncertainty when I bring the fight too them. I like to see them destroy themselves in an effort to beat me. I like to see their people scream as mine are safe at home, twiddling their thumbs and mindlessly entertaining themselves with the internet. Ever so slowly I'm breaking down the nations that don't need to be here, the more they try and fight me the more people they lose due to my power. I don't want them in my future, nor my Allies futures... it is useless to watch other countries who are killing themselves anyways go on trying to poison my future. In a matter of time someone will start a huge war, weather it's me or someone else I don't know. However either way I wish to expand my reaches across the globe, one day I may be in control of most of the world... possibly with Trump as the future president I may be in better terms with Russia-that is if they interfered with my elections... only time with tell though.... until then I can keep beating down the ones I don't want, all the while dragging my allies into it with me... time is the only thing I'm waiting on now... the only thing not even I can control.... Anyways I'm gonna get McDonalds! See ya!

Fall: ............

Fall: well shit.

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