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- Chapter 6 -

Rebecca Cohens P.O.V

My Five O'clock alarm rung and I was awake in a matter of seconds. Quickly getting dressed in my shorts and tanktop, I tied my hair up into a ponytail and grabbed my Ipod before running out of the house. The sun was still rising into the sky but the light post's all around our neighborhood were lit. So I had enough light to see as I jog. I made sure my shoe laces were tied tight before I began running. Singing along to the song, I ran.It was weird because as I was almost done with my jog, I realized Ryan wasn't out for his usual run. Oh well, he just might be sleeping in.

As I ran around the corner, I felt someone behind me. Quickly glancing behind me, I saw a man all dressed in black with a mask running after me. My heart began beating faster, and my legs moved much quicker. I continued to run for my life, literally. As I got closer to my house, I pulled out my keys from my pocket, but I ended up dropping them on the floor. I turned around and saw the mystery man was still after me, so I left the keys and ran towards Ryan's house. Their backdoor was always open, so I quickly jumped over the fence and ran inside the house. Running upstairs to Ryan's room, I shut the door behind me once I was inside. As I looked around, Ryan wasn't in his bed. That was weird. Suddenly I felt something push from the door, letting out a small scream I ran toward Ryan's bathroom. 

" Oh my god! No!" I screamed.

The bathroom was filled with steam and apparently, Ryan was in the shower, " Cohen?" He stuck his head out of the shower.

" There's a guy, he's running after me!" I might as well let him help me.

Ryan laughed, " If you wanted to shower with me, you could have just asked. I wouldn't have mind."

" Shut up you idiot. He's outside of your room!!" I was slowly hypervanilating.

Someone hit the the bathroom door, and I screamed before running into the shower. Ryan wasn't laughing anymore. He was standing infront of me, holding his shampoo as a weapon.

" Yeah Ryan, if a masked killer comes for us. You'll just shampoo him to death." Of all the houses I ran into, I had to run into an idiots.

Ryan turned to me, " Shut up!" 

The door made another noise and I hid behind Ryan, " We're going to die." I cried.

" Oh god! I haven't even finished my one hundred bang list." He mummbled. 

I smacked his shoulder, " Really!" 

The door made a final noise before we saw it fall down. Ryan and I both screamed. I thought we'd be dead by now, but a couple minutes passed and I was still breathing and hiding behind Ryan who was Ietting out the loudest girl scream I've ever heard in my life. I peeked from behind him and saw the guy with the mask, laughing. I knew that laugh, it sounded like..

" Joe!!" Ryan yelled.

The masked man pulled off his mask, " Man Ryan can you scream like a girl!" He laughed.

" You asshole! Why were you chasing me down the street?" I hopped out of the shower and slapped Joe across his chest.

Ryan grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his 'buddy', " Yeah why were you chasing her man?"

" Last week, Ice cream, Trisha." Said Joe.

Ryan laughed, " That was a good one. You gotta admit." 

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