[1] Goodbye Arizona, Hello Forks

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AMELIA SWAN smiled at the sight of her sister Bella, who was clutching a cactus and staring dramatically at the sunset.

She let out a child-like giggle, drawing Bella's attention. He sister stared her up and down. The two could not be more different.

While Bella preferred dressing rather plainly, Amelia took it as a way to express herself, and went crazy with it. She always matched a flower crown with her shoes and had too many rings on. She tended to use the palm of her hand as a canvas, much to her mothers annoyance.

The only similarity between the sisters seemed to be their love of books, though their favorites did vary. Bella loved Wuthering Heights, while her sister was obsessed with Peter Pan.

"Aren't you nervous?" Bella asked her sister; she often worried about what people would think of her sister, for she never seemed to get rid of the kid like aspects of her.

"Of course not, Bells! I'm sick of painting the Arizona sunset." Amelia said, a far away look in her eyes. "Forks will have whole new scenery! And I love the sound of rain-so relaxing!"

Bella merely shrugged, not too happy to be moving to Forks.


The ride from the airport to their childhood home was rather awkward. Bella and Charlie were very awkward people in general. Usually Amelia would help Bella out by starting a conversation, but she was too busy looking around at Forks as they drove.

Once parked Charlie led his daughters inside and upstairs, showing Bella to her room. Amelia had already disappeared into her room, ecstatic to be back.


"Bella?" She tentatively asked, knocking on her sisters door, asking permission to enter. When she got the all clear she walked in. "I made something for you and shipped it here a few weeks ago. I hope it'll help you in the transition."

Amelia smiled sweetly before revealing a painting from behind her back and handing it to her sister. It was one of her paintings of the sunsets in Arizona.

"I like it. Thanks so much Amelia," said Bella kindly, before being pulled into a hug by Amelia shocking her.

"You should hang it above your desk! It'll look beautiful." She suggested before walking out the door and into the hallway, she didn't make it far before she turned back around and peeked her head into Bella's room.

"Oh and I'll be exploring if you need me. I'll probably be in the Forest. Have fun!" She giggled before skipping down the hall again.

So that's the first chapter! As you can probably see, Amelia's gonna be a bit odd but fun! I'm very excited for this story.

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