Slowly the years trickled by. Avril had graduated Hogwarts and decided she wanted to try muggle college and graduated 3 years ago and was now well into her career. Avril was also engaged to one of her fellow Hogwarts student who followed her steps and was with her in the muggle world. Livelex was in her final two years years of school.  Scorpius was going into his second year of Hogwarts. And Trixie was at home with her parents. Trixie attended a special muggle school because she was unable to speak.

Bother Hermione and Draco had been housing a secret from their youngest daughter and it was that she had been sent a Hogwarts letter. Hermione was worried about how effective she would be if she was to attend Hogwarts. She couldn't speak so how was she supposed to do her spells? Draco and Hermione had went over several talks about this and decided it was best not to tell her. Though for memories they kept her letter in their bedroom drawer with the others.

Trixie was upstairs practicing her in class speech about a book she had read in her english class. She would be signing the speech and was excited.

Hermione was upstairs in her bedroom reading over Trixie's first and second Hogwarts letters. Just on time the tears arrived and splattered against the paper. Wiping away the tears Hermione rose to her feet and threw down the letter before she went downstairs as she heard the doorbell ring.

"Draco?" Hermione said as she opened the door. "I thought you were going into town?"

Draco walked across the threshold and pulled Hermione into his arms before they closed the door. "I forgot my house keys" The doors automatically locked after they were closed for security purposes.

"Oh well then" Hermione began as she picked up her wand and waved it causing the keys to soar into the room. Taking them into her free hand she smiled and handed them to Draco. "Here you are."

Draco took the keys from her and set them on the table by the door. "I dont want to go anymore, its not exactly important."

Hermione and Draco headed into the other room where they settled in the the couch before the fireplace. Upstairs Trixie had finally perfected her speech and wanted to show her mother. Heading down the hall to her mothers room she entered. With her fingers she made a snapping noise. Whenever she was trying to grab attention when she entered the room. There was no response. Moving across the room Trixie's attention was grabbed by the parchment on her parents bed. Picking it up she began reading.

Dear Miss Malfoy

I am please to inform you that you've been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.....

Trixie reread the letter three times before she picked up the second one that was sent just a month and a half ago. Turning she headed out of the bedroom searching every room until she found her parents. Walking forward she threw the letters down onto her fathers lap.

"You lied to me" Trixie mouthed and signed.

Draco and Hermione looked at the papers before they quickly looked back at her.

"We didn't think you would be able to handle it." Draco began.

"You didn't let me try. You didn't give me a chance!" She signed angrily. "Just because I can't speak like you doesn't mean I should just give up. You made this desicion without me thats not fair!" A tear fell slowly down her face.

Hermione got to her feet and tried to pull her into a hug only to be pushed away. "Trixie love please.."

Draco rubbed his face with his hands before he rose to his feet. "I'm going to talk to Severus about you starting Hogwarts." He sighed.

Trixie stopped signing and turned to her father. "Really?" She mouthed.

Draco nodded his head. "Really, now go get washed up it should be time for lunch soon."

Jumping up and down excitedly in silence Trixie ran into her fathers arms and hugged him. Trixie turned and skipped off up the stairs.

Draco turned to face Hermione who had a stern look of disapproval. Her arms were crossed tightly over her chest.

"Why did you do that Draco?"

"Do what?" Draco asked.

"You are giving in. She is no ordinary child she is special that is why she goes to a special school. If she goes to Hogwarts and doesn't do well the only spirit she has is going to break and she is going to never be the same again. She was doing fine as she was Draco and now you are going to complicate things."

"What if she is missing out on the chance of becoming who she is. She has magical blood we can't deny that. What if she does great? Why does everything have to be in a negative light?"

Hermione looked deep into Dracos grey eyes before she nodded her head. "Fine, but we are doing this in small doses. The moment she can't handle it she is being pulled out of that school and placed back in her other one."

"Okay." Draco agreed.  "I better go and start that letter to Severus." Without another word Draco headed upstairs to his office.


I would like to have a word with you about Trixie starting Hogwarts. When you are free I'd appreciate it if you could make a call to us at the Malfoy Manor.

Best regards, Draco

Draco folded up the letter and attached it to his owls leg before he sent it off. Sighing he placed his head in his hands. Was he doing the right thing or was Hermione right?

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