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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 3

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--- 3 ---


"Why do I have to pay like this?!"

"You're not paying for anything. It's just the way it is supposed to be." Dad was just as calm as I was angry!

"But I'm not at any cost letting you do this to me! Marriage's gonna kill me!" yeah that's right. You heard me. I was forced to get married. And to a total stranger.

"Austin!" Dad shuts me up and neared himself he putting his hand on my shoulder. "It's time son... this is our family tradi-"

"Hold up!" I raised my hand to him. "Don't say its tradition dad, 'cause I know our family is no suicidal."

Dad gave a warm laugh on this. He knows it's hard for me but... "Look son. Your great grand father married when he was your age, so did your grand father and me... and so will you." He smiled to me and turned around to leave.

This is not happening to me! For footballs' sake I'm the king of the school!

"If it's a family tradition, why doesn't Paul get to marry before me? After all... he's older than me..." dad stopped where he was. He turned swiftly.

"You know he's dead."

"Dead? Or runaway?" I back fired.

"Shut up Austin!"

"Why? Why is it so hard for you to believe that Paul ran away because of you!? For the same reason you're forcing me to do, and I swear I wont stop... not even to ask if you changed your mind!" I stormed out of the living room to my room.

Mom found me the half way.

"Dear... I totally understand but-" she was about to start her motivation speech.

"No you don't! You call your self a social worker and you're killing me yourself!" I hissed to her and ran up.

Gosh Paul! Why'd you have to run away? At least I'd be not like this.

Marriage wasn't the only reason Paul left. He was a drug-addict. Dad because of his business and mom 'cause of her social work were never able to keep an eye on him.

When they found out about the drugs, dad forced him to rehab and that's when he ran away. Leaving me behind to fulfill stupid family traditions!

I maybe the King of the School... but I'm no king at my home.

I got ready for meeting up some girl. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

We got there for the lunch time. A really beautiful lady opened the door. She probably is the mother. Cool. Beautiful mom means hot daughter.

Our moms and dads were talking when I heard someone running down the stairs making much noise. Damn she was pissed. Good! I smirked to myself. She sure has a humor to do that... in front of the people who are expected to be her in-laws.

"Here she is!" Mrs. Carter squeaked too loudly.

"I'm glad to see you. You're beautiful." My mom said. I had my back to her so I still couldn't see her.

"I'm glad too." She said in the cheesiest manner she could.

"I want you to meet Blake..." mom started introducing and so I thought this was the time to show that I'm really not going for this whole marriage thing. "...and this is my son-"

"Mom please!" I quickly said cutting her in between and stood up. Time to show some pissed off drama. "I told you this won't work! I'm nev-"

I stopped whatever I was saying because when I turned, I saw Andy Carter - the girl I slept with last night standing with my mom. SHIT!

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