Chapter 12

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"You? You were going to propose to me" Camila asked Lauren in front of everyone who had now gone silent. Chris obviously regretting opening his mouth as he saw his sister give him 'the look'.

"I, well, I planned on it?"

Camila looked around everyone to see if she heard this correctly.

"You all knew?" she asked looking at her friends, before Laurens family and then at her own family. Each said a yes. She bit her lip as tears came streaming down her face, "I have to go, goodnight" she spoke as she rushed away from everyone and went into Laurens bedroom.

"I'll go check on her, see you all in a few minutes?"

"Actually Lauren, I know think we will all go home now, let you and Camila talk things through" Mike spoke as everyone else agreed.

"Oh, okay then. Bye guys, see you all soon" she waved goodbye to each and every one of them before going to her bedroom and seeing Camila lying on her back. "Hey baby".


"Why are you crying?"

"You wanted to marry me? You even spoke to my family about it, Lauren I could be engaged right now if I went to Rome with you! I'm crying because I'm not engaged to you, I'm crying because, I'm a mess"

"Camz, I made a plan to propose to you in Rome, unfortunately you weren't there, stuff like that happens"

"I've missed my chance though" Camila sobbed into Laurens shoulder.

"Id ask you every day if you kept on saying no. You haven't missed your chance babe, because I will be asking you, and I wont stop until you say yes" Lauren informed Camila as a smile formed on the brown eyed girls face.

"Can you tell me about your plan, you know on the proposal?"

"Well, I had to do some sneaking around your back. It included getting Dinah to keep you for a day whilst Mani, Ally and Tay went shopping so we could get you some clothes and of course, the ring. That's actually where I met Lucy, she helped me so much. She's great, she told me to inform her how Rome went to be honest. But yeah, I asked your parents approval, and I also paid for everyone to go to Rome. I hired out a huge building and shit, but you know" Lauren ended at there as she saw Camila break out in tears again.

"Im sorry I ruined your proposal plan"

"It just means I have to think of something better for when I ask you again" Lauren winked as she cuddle Camila. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, because you're with me, but no because my tummy hurts so bad"

"So tomorrow I'm going to be working on the babys room, Jai said he would help me, and the girls probably will as well. Our families will too. Im so thankful I have you and everyone" Lauren sighed in bliss.

"Lolo, look" Camila whispered as she pulled her shirt up so that Lauren could see Camila's bump.

"That shit looks so fucking weird" Lauren spoke as she saw the baby kicking and moving around in Camila.

"Lo!" Camila giggled, "that's our baby!"

"Our baby is either going to be handsome or stunning, whichever they like"

"Put your hand on my stomach, check if the baby does something" Camila smiled as Lauren excitedly sat up to sit close to Camila's stomach.

Lauren gently placed her hand on the very big bump and instantly felt a kick, "damn" she giggled. She then went closer and placed a kiss on the bump before talking to it as Camila looked on in admiration, "your Mommy and I love you so much and we cannot wait until we can hold you in our arms, know that whatever happens in life, Mommy and I love you, I'm so excited for the three of us, I love you, and I love your Mommy" Lauren spoke as she placed another kiss on the bump.

"You make this easy for me"

"How so?"

"Months ago, I was thinking about how I didn't want anything to do with the baby, and how I could give the baby up for adoption or something, but... You. You being here, and loving me, and wanting to be a mom with me. I feel confident, I feel excited, I was scared that I wouldn't bond with the baby, but you just make everything better"

"Its always been you and me Camz, forever and always, and now we have someone else in our forever and always, that just makes life ten times better. I love you"

"I'm glad you said that Lolo"


"If you love me as much as you say you do, does that mean that you can rub my tummy until I fall asleep?" Camila asked with a cheeky smile on her face.

"Of course baby, I'll get some cream and massage you?"

"Yes please Lauren, that would be heaven. Oh and by the way... I love you too"

"Obviously" Lauren teased as she applied some cocoa butter in her hands before massaging Camila's stomach.

After 25 minutes of Lauren rubbing the cream on Camila, Camila yawned before saying goodnight, allowing Lauren to fall asleep too.

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