Mr. & Mrs. Confetti

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My heart rate sped up as I saw my friend exit the terminal and speed walk towards me.  Janette wrapper her arms around me in a tight hug and I smiled feeling like I was reuniting with family.

"I've missed you tons, Mads!  I'm so beyond jazzed for the next few weeks!"

"Oh my gosh, you're going to implode when I tell you everything Carson and I have planned!"  I began rattling off what my brother and I had in mind for the next few weeks.  I smiled wickedly when we got to the luggage bay and saw Janette's face flush at seeing my brother.

"Janette!  It's been too long!  How have you been?"  Carson reached around Janette and gave her a long hug.  I gave my friend a sneaky wink and thumbs up as she glared at me over Carson's shoulder. 

"Do you guys need a minute or two or can we get going?"  I asked and laughed when they broke apart with blushes and embarrassed smiles. 

"Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you guys!  Jay is coming tomorrow so the whole gang will be here!"

"Wait, what?" I squeaked suddenly.

"Yep!" Janette smiled evilly at me.  "If you're gonna give me a hard time then don't plan on getting away with it next time," she said quietly so Carson couldn't hear her. 

"Why?  Is there a problem with Jay coming, Maddy?" Carson smirked at me.

"Ugh.  Not you too!" I groaned and headed for the car.

We headed home and got Janette settled in the guest room then all took a nap since she had been on the red-eye flight.  Later on we went out for a late lunch then stopped at some old friends' houses to say hello.

"I've missed home.  You guys were smart to stay close."

I smiled remembering the two years I spent deciding where to go to college.  Carson had graduated and gone on to college about an hour away from home while being a radio-show host to help pay for books.  The next year.  Janette and Jay graduated and they both went a few states east on soccer scholarships.  Then, there was just me.  My senior year was a bit rough since all three of my best friends had gone off to college.  I was offered a couple scholarships to different schools but I decided I'd missed my brother too much to miss him again so we got an apartment and went to school together.  It was nice having my big brother there to help me my first year of college.  Carson and I were back home for the summer and talked Janette into coming down for a month.  Jay had said he couldn't miss a month of training but apparently things had changed. 

"I'm just glad we get to spend a whole month together!  One week has never been enough!" Carson spoke, thinking of the last few spring breaks that we had all spent together.  The Grand Canyon, Washington DC, and New York City had all been amazing but being back in Cali, near the beach was going to be even better.

When we were done visiting we went home and watched a movie.  After a while, I dozed off and leaned my head on Carson's shoulder. 

I woke up to the smell of bacon.  I sat up and rubbed my eyes wondering who was cooking since Janette, Carson, and I obviously all fell asleep during the movie.  I rolled my eyes when I saw Janette snuggled up with my brother, both of them with content grins on their faces while they slept. 

I got up and washed my face in the bathroom before I wandered to the kitchen, already drooling over what I could smell.

"Dad, you didn't have to make us breakfast," I sat at the bar and rested my head on the cold counter-top hoping it would help wake me up.

"Dad didn't make you breakfast."  My head snapped up making me a little dizzy as I finally saw Jay standing in front of the stove.  "But, I mean, you can call me daddy if you want," Jay smirked and shot me a wink.

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