Chapter One: Awaken

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If there was anything bizarre about yourself, it would be how you woke up everyday. In other words, you didn't get up at all. Of course, you do sleep for at least eight hours (or less due to secretly watching anime beneath your covers), but after your mind comes back from Dream-land, your body would remain dormant. 

You would be awake, but being the lazy-bum that you are, you would lie there and pretend to be asleep until you feel like waking up. So in a sense, you were awake, but with your eyes shut, and you wouldn't move either.

Nobody knew of this, not even your own parents. And they just brushed it off as you being a heavy sleeper. In reality, you were a very light sleeper- slightly paranoid due to your secret anime shenanigans. Your parents never approved of the "childish cartoons" no matter how many times you ranted and debated about how anime was universal. 

So while you were "asleep", you noticed that something wasn't right. Scratch that. There was something wrong with everything. 

Instead of the warmth from the fluffy blanket-cocoon, darkness of your room, and the sound of nothingness, your senses presented alien elements that were not associated with the musk of familiarity from your natural habitat. 

The scratching and brushing of grass prodded the silhouette of your body, and the sensations  ghosted their way through the materials of your night wear, as if you weren't wearing anything at all. But you hardly ever recall sleeping in the nude- doing so outside for that matter was preposterous! So why the heck were you like this when you could distinctly recall, and swear by all things holy, that you crashed out indoors, on your bed?   

Sunlight flooded your vision although your (e/c) irises were sealed tightly and stubbornly behind (s/c) eyelids, and when you inhaled, you could smell the scent of dirt, dew, plants and a faint, moist, something metallic wafting around in the breeze... like fresh, lukewarm blood.  

It was at this point that you decided to actually awaken. The sensory factors around you were too livid and they felt too real to be a dream. 

So you opened your eyes.  

The scenery had miles upon miles of flat, grasslands with forests and mountains in the distance, with the company of the occasional boulder, small group of trees, or random rock pile of various sizes scattered around in random places.

'Yep. I'm not in Kansas anymore.' You deadpanned in your mind.

You also didn't feel like yourself, physically-wise. You felt bigger, as in you had gained more weight in muscle and fat, and you seemed taller and wider in height. Not to mention other parts of your body didn't feel familiar.

For some reason, your face felt as if it were heavier than your legs, your back had extended like five times its size, and since when did you posses the ability to move your ears, and feel your tailbone twitch and swish like an elongated pony-tail? 

Getting up was rather challenging since your anchor-weighted body was stuck on one side, and you couldn't lift your torso with the support of the arm that was closest to the ground. Your fingers and toes felt like they molded together into tight fists that you couldn't unravel, which was proven when you tried to grab and pluck the grass, and wiggle your toes. Surprisingly, where your feet were suppose to be did not hurt at all. 

As for your limbs, they  refused to stretch out like they normally would. The furthest you could manage was extending them a few inches to the side, forwards, and back. 

When you attempted to curl into a ball and roll onto your stomach like a roly-poly, you quickly discovered that you couldn't reach your knees to your chin. That, and your face had stretched to the point where your nose and mouth literally kissed the ground. 

What was going on with your body? It felt weird, unfamiliar, rearranged in places where specific parts were not meant to be like your eyes on the side of your head instead of in the front, and your ears being on top of your head instead of on the sides. 

You had to angle your head around until it nearly  snapped in order to examine your body. What you saw was the backside of a (b/c) horse with (h/c) hooves and a (h/c) tail. Then you slowly followed your line of sight to the front legs which moved on your command. 

After the analysis that you performed while you were supposedly asleep and after you had awakened, you came to the conclusion that you are in the middle-of-godforsaken-nowhere, and are now a freaking horse! 

So you did what any other normal person would do in these circumstances.

You screamed.

But what came out of your mouth was a high-pitched whinny. 

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