Chapter Ten» We Part Ways

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Large arms wrapped around my shaking form. Feeling heat  spread throughout my body. It was as though Everything in that moment froze.  Catching the moment. Gripping it, as he inhaled sharply. His face at the crook of my neck. Nuzzling it.

Cold shivers ran down my spine. Making me tense, my stomach turning. The slamming of my heart, numbed my ears.  As I raised my sweaty palms upwards, pushing him away slowly.

Seeing him glance down at me, an expressionless look plastering his features.

Swallowing down my dry throat. I looked away.  Shame overwhelming  me, turning my insides; at my sudden moment of weakness.

 How could I have acted so weak?  So helpless in front of him.  A man I had barely known for three days.  How could I let him touch me?  Embrace me?

Reaching my hands towards my face. I quickly wiped away the warm tears,  hearing my bangles clink. As I pulled my veil up. Covering my hair.

Unable to glance at him,  I turned around towards the large double doors. Seeing them open abruptly. 

Shock consumed me, as Nazeen stormed out of the large mansion with Parveen hot on her trail. Fury plastered their features as Nazeen yelled for the driver, making a black Mercedes car drive towards her, in an instant.

Within seconds, the car rolled out of the courtyard, as my gaze remained on the floor unable to look up. 

I wasn't ashamed of being Yaseen's widow. I love him like the very air I breath,  yet being called a bad omen had my insides turning.  I didn't bring bad luck, it was preposterous. Yet an uneasy like feeling gripped against my heart.  Weakening me. 

Looking up, I could feel my gaze land on uncle Hamad. Standing there,  a pained expression plastering his features. His eyes stormy.

Inhaling sharply, I could see him walk towards me, as Ammar stood beside me. His face expressionless. The dark of his eyes cold.

"Ammar, Aazeen. Child come inside. There are men workers here" he said softly. Ushering us inside, making me suddenly realise my surroundings. Pulling my veil across my face, one of the workers opened the large double door before us. Allowing entrance. 

The halls were eerily quiet, making my gaze remain on my hands. Not during to look up.  Strength and courage had left me. Abandoning me.
I didn't have it in me to glance up at the people. The very people whom I've been humiliated in front of.

" Someone bring juice" Gul Jaan called, as she walked towards me. Glancing up at the woman, a sad look plastered her features as she cupped my face. Her eyes tearing up.

I didnt want her pity. I didn't want anything from her.

I thought, seeing the woman lead us towards the leather sofa across the large hall. Helen, Kulsum and their brother were sitting on the chairs before the sofas. At the sight of us, they stood up. Their weary gaze landing on us.

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