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Tara's POV

After my Daddy's show he took me out for ice cream but Grammy said it was to late for ice cream.

P: "Justin Hon it's to late for her to have ice cream."

J: "Mom please let me be the parent."

T: "Yeah Grammy, let Daddy be the parent."

P: "Okay fine, but when shes up all night Justin don't blame me."

J:"Okay Mom." Daddy and I just laughed.

As soon as we got to the ice cream place Daddy had me sit with Grammy. About five minutes later he came back with ice cream.

T: "YEAH!!"

J: "Yeah!" He said trying to sound like me. 

P: "Did you have dinner yet?"

T: "I'm about to!"


But as soon as Daddy said that I started to stuff my face with the ice cream. Both Grammy and Daddy started to laugh. Daddy took out his phone and video typed everything. 

J: "Do you like it Tara?" He asked while still filming.

T: "No! That's why it's all over my face Daddy!"

J: "Meow!"

T: "Sorry Daddy, I don't like it, I LOVE IT!"

J: "haha, Well my lovely Beliebers I am proud to say that is my daughter." He then put his phone away.

After about 15-20 minutes we where done.  But I still had ice cream all over my face. 

J: "Oh honey, let me clean you up let's go."

Daddy then took my into the boys bathroom. I thought only guys where aloud to come in her.

T: "Daddy, I'm a girl I got in the girl bathroom."

J: "I know honey but I'm not aloud in there."

T: "And I'm not aloud to be in here!" 

J: "Yes you are."

T: "Why, I'm not a boy."

J: "Haha Daddy's are aloud to bring there little girls into the bathroom with them."

T: "Why?"

J: "Because they don't want anything to happen to their little girls while there in the bathroom."

T: "I still don't get it."

J: "I can't go in the girls bathroom because I'm a adult, but I can come in the boys. Your a kid so I can bring you in here with me."

T: "Okay?"

Daddy placed me on the counter in the bathroom and started to wash my face. Daddy then put me down and lifted me back up so I could wash my hands. While I was washing my hands a man came up next to Daddy and I.

M: "What a cute little girl you have."

J: "Thank you." He smiled.

I then looked up and saw who the man was, it was my old Daddy. I ran behind Justin and hung on to his leg. 

T: "Justin?"

J: "Yeah honey?"

T: "Can we go?"

J: "Sure. It was nice meeting you he said to my old Daddy."

As we where walking back to the table I saw my old Daddy walk out of the bathroom and he was eyeing me. 

T: "Justin!" I yelled.

J: "What, honey I'm right next to you no need to yell.'

T: "Go home?"

J: "Sure."

We then walked out of the ice cream shop and went into the buses. 

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