Chapter Thirty-Two - Survival of the Fittest

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When my eyes opened I felt a deep sense of longing in my chest. That longing was soon crushed once I met the vacant, blue eyes of my abductor and, I suppose, murderer. It hadn't all been a horrendous dream.

"Now I'm impressed." The man purred when he realized I'd woken up. I flinched when his fingers caressed my jaw, "It's as if nothing happened at all."

I felt a burning in my left arm. I gulped in fear once I noticed that a needle was sunken deep in my skin, feeding me from a clear bag filled with blood. "I better not get HIV." I spat.

He guffawed as if I'd told him the joke of the year. "Werewolves don't have to worry about silly, human diseases like that, lovey. How was death?"

"Fuck. You." I tried sitting up but felt way too drained. I managed to lift my shoulders a few inches before I fell flat on my back.

"Soon." His promise sent a chill down my spine. Soon?

They want her for themselves.

King Nathaniel was right. Word had clearly gotten out that I was part-guardian and now I was more valuable than I'd ever imagined. My bloodline was a cruel curse.

"Is she up?" The bedroom door opened and an older woman entered. She had the same reddish-blonde hair as the gruff man. Only hers was pin straight and shoulder-length. "Fascinating." She whistled once she saw me. "That royal family is handed gift after gift. Curse them."

"Who are you?" I demanded moving my eyes from the woman to the large man.

"That is not of your concern." Her voice was sharp, venomous. "All that you need to know is that you're ours now. Our shiny, golden ticket." Her smile sent a chill down my spine, "You've met my son." She glanced at the man next to me. "You met my other son, too. But that good for nothing prince killed him. You'll pay for that."

"No. You'll pay." I promised her darkly knowing the moment Jacobi had his hands on these two, they'd be nothing but blood painting the floors red.

A shrill ring resounded in my right ear when she slapped me across the face fervidly. "Shut up!" She sent a knowing look towards her son. "You said the prince wasn't home when you snatched her?"

"She was alone." He confirmed.

She grasped my chin in her hand painfully, turning my face to the side, "There seems to be a fading mark on her neck. It can't belong to the prince. Seems as if you didn't mean much to him, after all." She cackled. "Otherwise, you wouldn't be so unprotected. Alone and unmarked, you might as well be coated in barbeque sauce and thrown to the wolves for supper." She laughed loudly at her own joke.

I wanted to yell at her to shut up but was worried she'd only hurt me more. I refused to believe her. Jacobi hadn't marked me because I wasn't ready... but why hadn't he been there when they'd come for me? Where had he been?

Deep down, I knew.

"Darcy, you know what to do."

He nodded his head with depths of gravity in his eyes. He neared the bed, steely determination palpable on his face. Whatever he planned to do I knew I wouldn't like it. He'd stabbed me last time he'd approached me like that. I wasn't about to let him hurt me again. I ripped the needle out of my arm and threw myself out of the bed. My body was lethargic and barely cooperating but adrenaline ran through me and it kept me going.

Again, I was no match for a werewolf, never mind two. The frightening woman leaped forward, shoving me against the plain wall. My back struck it painfully forcing the air out of my lungs. I kicked at her but she kneed me in the gut. I fell forward, clutching my screaming stomach. Darcy shot in front of me, taking his mother's place. He forced me up, pinning me against the wall with the heels of his hands. His eyes flashed black and I knew his wolf was surfacing. I screamed when I watched his large canines appear.

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