Two year anniversary - Calum one shot

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You woke up to bright rays of sun peeping through your bedroom blinds. You turned over expecting there to be a Calum, there wasn't instead there was a note written on a music sheet. The note read 'morning my love when you wake I'll be waiting in the kitchen for you" you folded the note up then continued down to but the kitchen. You'd slept in late it was afternoon now. You walked into the sunlit kitchen with Calum shirt hanging down until just above your knees. Calum was standing in the kitchen with breakfast played out, there were strawberries, pancakes, honey, tea and much more. "Morning" Calum smiles kissing you as you placed you arms around his neck. "Morning cal this is amazing" you say smiling. "As this isn't even half of it" he winks. After you tuck into your amazing breakfast Calum says he has another surprise for you. "Follow me" Calum says taking your hand and leading you though into the room the boys usually used for practicing. As you open the door the rest of the boys were there holding their instruments. Calum let go of your hand picked up is bass and walked over to the spare mic. "This is all I need" Calum says down the mic before the boys all start playing. It was a beautiful song at the end of it you had tears running down your cheeks. "Did you like it" Calum said. "It was amazing" you said kissing him. "Have a nice day guys we are gonna go before you guys get anymore intimate" Michael said winking. You laughed. "Thanks boys" you said as they all walked out. "Well babe we have all day free and tonight I booked us a dinner so you have to dress up posh, I also have something else for you" Calum says taking your hand and walking you back up to your room. "Close your eyes" Calum said you did so. "Open" he says a couple of seconds later. He was standing there with a black dress, it was gorgeous. "I thought this might go with your other surprise" Calum hung up the dress and pulled out a large black box. He opened it there was a necklace and a pair of beautiful earrings. "Oh Calum it's all so beautiful" you say kissing him again. 

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