Chapter 16

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Juvia's voice : Previously on 'The Vampire's Mate' :

Unknown woman : Someone please help me!

Juvia runs to see where the noise is coming and sees Natsu and Lucy making out while there's a woman dead on the floor .

Lyon: Mate?! I honestly doubt she's your mate !

Natsu: That's none of your bussiness dog!

Juvia: Natsu just go I don't wanna see you here again .

Natsu: This isn't over yet Vastia .

Lyon and Juvia start leaning in looking into each others  eyes .


While we're leaning in I look away and so does he . "I can't kiss you . It isn't right . " I tell him looking at him . He looks at me and holds my left cheek in his hand . "No it's right , just not now . " He tells me . I stand up straight and kiss his cheek . "I'm gonna head to class , see you in gym . " I tell him , he nods and smiles . "Alright see you in gym . " He says .

I walk away and go into the school . I go straight to my locker and take out the books I need and then shut my locker door . As if on kue the schoolbell rings signaling that it's that  time of the day . The time to enter first period and see your rampage cheating vampire boyfriend...ish . Ugh this is so complicated .

I walk into the classroom and decide to sit beside Gray meaning I would be away from Natsu .  Gray soon comes in and sits where he usually sits and then he looks at me and then at the chair that I usually sit in . "What happened did they put glue in your seet too ?" he asks dumbfounded . I laugh a little nervously . "No Gray , I just don't wanna sit beside him ...I'm kinda avoiding anything that has to do with him . " I whisper the last part .

He nods and leans in a little closer . "Is something wrong ? Do I have to beat up someone for ya?" he asks me . I shake my head no at him . "No it's just that ...well..." suddenly I stop when him and Lucy walk in  holding hands . My eyes widen a bit and I slowly swallow the lump in my throat . I suddenly get that same feeling I got last night when I saw them kissing .

Gray glares at both of them and Lucy notices and waves to my direction and winks then kisses Natsu's cheek . I sigh loudly and look down at my desk . That is until Gray speaks up . "Really ? For her ? What the hell  man ? " Gray says angry and confused . I shake my head .

"I don't even know Gray but I knew something was up ...It's fine whatever . If he's happy I'm happy ..." I say and glance over at their direction . Lucy's giggling with her friends around her while Natsu is hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek . I look away sighing and Gray taps my shoulder . "Ey, don't be gloomy over a loser like him . He's not worth it . Neither of them are . " He pats my shoulder lightly and gives me a small smile .

Timeskip to when school ends :

I finish putting my books in my locker and i shut the door and see Lyon leaning on someone else's locker beside mines . I jump back a little startled and gasp . "Jesus Lyon you almost gave me a heart attack ." I tell him and start walking outside . "Sorry Via I didn't wanna disturb you . You seemed so concentrated . " He tells me .

I shake my head . "Whatever Lyon ...I've had a long day and I wanna go home , to my bed . " I say . He chuckles . " Dragneel sucked that bad. Or was it just because I wasn't there ? " He says while walking . "Both . " I say . "It was depressing how fast he moved on from me . " I sigh . "Juvia he didn't move on he's under a spell . " He says . I turn around to look at him .

"What...?" I ask him unsure of what he just said . "You heard me . Now c'mon I have someone who wants to meet you . " He says . I nod my head yes as we both get on the motorcycle .

After they drive to their destination :

We arrive at this cottage in an abandoned highway street . I get off the bike and stretch my legs . Lyon soon grabs my hand and leads me to the gate that leads to the cottage . He knocks on the door twice and the door opens up . "Come in I've been expecting you both . " A ladies voice spoke .

We both walk in and the door shuts itself . I look around and see that  funny feather stuff and all that . I came into realization she's a witch . Oh my Lord she's a witch . "Of course I am unless you think I'm just a funky chef . Now c'mon come closer I wanna meet this Juvia Nicole my nephew Lyon never shuts up about . "The lady says coming into view .

Oh my she has Raven hair but with silver highlights and she looks rather young for her age . "Thank you dear . " She says . " did you know what I was thinking ?" I ask her half scared but also half curious . She chuckles and looks at me . "Spirits talk me Lockser and so do your rather loud thoughts . Now , let me see those hands . " She says reaching out for my hands .

"Umm...okay then..." I say and give her my hands unsure of what she'll do . "Oh my ...Oh Juvia ...Juvia , Juvia ...I see and sense danger in the path you're choosing to walk in . You musn't let them control you . " She says . And then it all clicks into sense . She knows about Natsu and Lucy . "Yes I do dear, I've known about those two idiots since before they even decided to step in Magnolia . " She says and sits down .

Lyon puts his arm around my shoulder . "Ma' please just tell us in details what's wrong and what we have to do to make it right . I mean after all this is the last chance generation . " Lyon says and now I'm even more confused . "Don't worry dear all will make sense in time . But for now let me give you a brief peek of what's going on . " She says  . I nod my head yes and she clears her throat . "Now let's begin ...It all started around the 1860's ..."

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