Chapter 15

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"Juvia...Wake up c'mon you have to get ready for school . " I hear Lyon tell me while he shakes me slightly . " i don't wanna go to school...let's just stay home...yeah let's stay and we could watch movies and cuddle like normal teenagers do . For once let's be normal. " I mumble with my eyes closed .

He just chuckles . "Juvia c'mon get up princess. " He pulls the covers off of me and carries me to my vanity corner and sits me on the chair . He grabs my brush and starts to brush through my tangles . "Budum...budummmmmm...bum...bum...bummmmmm......" I say bored and sad . Lyon chuckles once again . "All done . " He says and puts my hair brush down .

"Now go get ready while I make breakfast . " He pats my back and leaves my room. I sigh and grab my bag of toiletries and walk into the bathroom to do my morning routine .

After a nice shower and brushing my teeth i walk out of the bathroom only in my towel and go to my closet . I grab a pair of black skinny jeans and a purple button up shirt. I set them on the bed and go to my dresser and open up the top drawer and take out some clean underwear and bra . I put it on and get dressed and slip on a pair of black ankle boots .

I decide to straighten my hair and put on a little bit of makeup . Which consisted of some foundation, eyeliner, mascara , and some lipgloss . I look at myself in the mirror and sigh . "This day is gonna be a long day." I say to myself . "Well don't be so gloomy about it who knows maybe it's for the best that the sunshine lasts a little longer . " I hear someone say from behind me .

I turn around to see none other than Natsu Dragneel. He's smirking leaning against my window frame . "What the hell are you doing here ? Don't you have to take care of your new little blonde girlfriend ?" i spit at him sarcastically and walk out of my room and go downstairs to where Lyon is . "Oh come on you're just gonna pass by your boyfriend like that ?" he asks following downstairs . Suddenly Lyon puts be behind him .

"Get away from her . " He tells him in a growl . "No she's my mate and she doesn't need to be around a mutt like you . " Natsu growls back . "Mate?! Please I honestly doubt that she is your mate when you just cheated on her and killed someone innocent on top of that ! " Lyon says already mad .

"That's none of your bussiness dog , so stay out of it !" Natsu screams at him and tries to punch him but Lyon grabs his fist before he can even touch him . Suddenly they're about to hit eachother but I get in the middle and seperate them . "Hey! Knock it off both of you!" I say glancing at the both of them . Natsu grabs my arm but I pull it back. "No...get out Natsu . I don't wanna see you here again .Please just go... " i tell him . He licks his lips and huffs . "This isn't over yet Vastia . " He says pointing at Lyon then speeds off to God knows where .

I sigh deeply. I look at Lyon and check his face . "Are you okay ? Did he hurt you ?" i ask him worriedly while holding his face in both of my hands checking him . "Yes Via , I'm fine really . But are you okay?" he asks while inspecting me completly up and down . I nod my head yes as he inspects my arm holding it gently and carefully . "I'm fine Lyon really . " I say . Suddenly Lyon growls . "That bastard! He left a bruise in your arm!" Lyon's eyes start to turn yellow out of the anger and fury he was feeling .

"Lyon no look at me . Calm down it's okay . It's okay . Just calm down . I'm fine . It's fine . " I tell him holding his face and looking into his eyes . He looks back into mine and slowly calms down . His breathing evens and his eyes turn back to the aqua blue that they are . He nods his head sighing . "I'm calm now . I'm calm . I'm fine Via . " He tells me putting his hands on mine that are still holding his face .

"Okay good . Now let's go. We're already late for school . " I tell him and grab his wrist dragging him out the door . He chuckles following me . "Nerd much Via ." He says while laughing . I glare at him . "Just kiddin'." He raises his hands up in defense . I giggle at the way he's acting .

He sighs in relief . "There's the smile . " He holds my chin up and we stare into eachothers eyes for like the millionth time already . Then i remember that we're already late for school. "Lyon school . " I say panicking . He clears his throat . "Right . School . Let's go . " He drags me by my arm .

The ride to school was well...we kinda sorta sped and didn't even pay attention to the stoplights. Ermm...we were gonna be late so eh  . We get to school with 10 minutes to spare . I quickly get off the bike and try to run inside the school but Lyon grabs my arm and stares into my eyes . Oh Lord Jesus make these tiny butterflies go away please. He suddenly leans in and I find myself leaning in too .

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