Letta the Gypsy Doll

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In 1972, Kerry Walton decided to face a childhood fear by visiting an abandoned building that had scared him for years. While there, he discovered an old marionette underneath the porch.He decided to take it home with him, and he still owns it to this day.Some people believe that the doll was made two hundred years ago by a Romanian gypsy for his son who had drowned. It is believed that the soul of the gypsy's son now lives in this doll.The doll was given the name Letta, or Ledda, due to his European gypsy heritage.The doll is rumored to move on its own at times; change positions while seated; and is said to emit a pulse while held. It has been reported that it rains whenever the doll is taken outside.Supposedly, hanging pictures slide off the wall when the doll enters a room.The doll has real human hair. Animals often try to attack the doll whenever they come into contact with it. People have said they feel fear or sadness when they see the doll.

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