"I'm okay." He said to those concerned.

Tyler sat back on his chair and went to his phone again, instead texting Mike.

Tyler: You think he could have morning sickness???

Tyler stared at the screen waiting for Mike to reply.

Mike: !!!!

Mike: Are we sure???

Tyler: No, but it's a possibility.

It was actually very possible. Morning sickness is something humans get as a first sign of being pregnant, and looking back a few weeks, Onity certainly could be.

Tyler remembered how years ago Onity had given him and Mike an Oni Anatomy lesson. Tyler remembered how about a year ago, Mike had asked Onity about being fathers. Tyler remembered them coming to him and asking for his consent as well.

Tyler remembers saying no.


"N-no." Tyler replied, looking down at his dinner plate. It was about empty, but he couldn't look at Onity or Mike when telling them no.

Tyler didn't have to look at them to know that his answer hurt them.

"It's okay. We won't have a kid unless you want one too." Mike replied. God, you could hear the hurt in his voice.

"I'm sorry." Tyler frowned. "I'm just not ready."

Tyler in truth didn't think he'd ever be ready to be a father. Tyler loved kids, but just kids that he didn't have to worry about being responsible for. Tyler was afraid of being a bad parent. He was afraid he'd mess up, he'd do something, and the kid would never forgive him, or get really hurt, or would hate him for it. He feared having a kid that didn't trust him. To add to it, if they had a kid, this kid wouldn't be normal. Tyler wouldn't be able to go out and get advice on parenting a half human half alien kid. There would be even more about this kid he wouldn't understand.

It sucked knowing this was something Mike had always wanted. Tyler didn't understand wanting to be a father. Why would you want to force yourself through years of early mornings when you already had work? Why would you want to invest so much money into something that isn't expected to pay back? Why take a chance caring for something that if you fuck up, everyone hates you for it. And in this case, having a kid that if you fuck up, nobody is there to help them.

It made Tyler feel like complete shit to tell them no, but this was a step in life he didn't want to take.


Tyler remembered saying no, and he remembered Mike and Onity pretending they never asked. The subject was pushed aside and never brought back up. But that didn't mean it was forgotten about. Tyler still knew that Mike and Onity were disappointed. Tyler thought about it all the time. It haunted him for months and months.

Tyler remembered thinking about it for months and months. Over those months, Tyler slowly began to come to terms that maybe he could do this. He researched and realized he isn't the only one who has ever felt this panic about failing to be a good parent. He told himself he'd be okay, and he would have Mike and Onit to help, and he would be careful and not let himself mess up.

Tyler remembered weeks ago bringing up the subject. He remembered how happy Mike and Onity were, and how they asked him countless times "are you sure??". He explained his fears. He was sure.

And now here they were. Onity's sick, and Tyler isn't sure, but he's kinda sure why. He looked down to see another text from Mike.

Mike: We'll see how Onity feels the next couple days.

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