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Just a little Prologue tonight lovies, I know, I take on too many projects but I'm really looking forward to this one and I only have one chapter of 'Foolish Witch' to post so hopefully it won't seem like I have too much going on at once. I do however have finals coming up so please be patient with me where updates are concerned. I really hope you guys enjoy! I'm very much looking forward to the fun I can have with this story! Vote?/Comment? Love!

 I really hope you guys enjoy! I'm very much looking forward to the fun I can have with this story! Vote?/Comment? Love!

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Master Severus Snape,

My dearest friend Severus, while the circumstances under which I contact you are rather unfavorable it is a pleasure to have communication with you. I would like to start off by congratulating you on your flourishing potion business and successes since you left us here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. I regret to say that I must ask a favor of you, our young Ms. Granger has suffered a terrible potions accident at the hands of one of our more talented students. He brings back memories of a certain Mr. Finnigan. Thankfully the student fell to no harm as Professor Granger threw herself between himself and the potion in time to avoid an absolute disaster for the boy, unfortunately, and it is with great sadness I say this, Professor Granger has been injured. I would like to be inviting you back to Hogwarts as an honorary guest, alumni, under any other circumstances Severus, unfortunately I must extend a request for a favor. Ms. Granger, while still able to teach on the most basic level is unable to do many day to day tasks, including but not limited to the brewing of potions. This being her primary role here we are in desperate need of a cure for her ailment. Poppy has fallen into a stand-still and the medi-witches at St. Mungo's want nothing more than to lock the poor young woman up and use her for testing.

With that said, Severus, I realize you are not one for beating around the bush and have most likely cursed my name and demanded I get to the point at once. My point is, I would like to request your return to Hogwarts- on a short term basis of course- simply to help Hermione regain what she has lost and assist with classes until such a time as she is able to perform all of her duties. I have extended this request to you first, as I hope to have the best on this case but should you decline I shall make haste to contact another and we may just hope to Merlin that they are able to help our poor young Professor. Please consider this and owl with your answer as soon as possible.

Headmistress of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizadry,
Professor Minerva McGonagall

Severus sneered at the parchment in his hand and rolled it back up. He should have known when he'd retired to live his own life it would be short lived. He took a healthy swig of his firewhiskey and stared into the dancing flames in his hearth. He could throw the parchment there, watch it burn away and pretend he'd never seen the letter.

He scoffed, what could the chit have possibly lost that was so detrimental? And why had Minerva been so bloody vague?

Oh, he knew, because if she was vague it would interest him and make him more likely to come and lend his assistance. He pulled a run of parchment from the drawer on his chairside table and pulled his quill from its inkpot. He'd planned to write a scathing letter of denial but as his smooth, flourishing writing began to fill the page he found himself agreeing to the return. Depending on the situation a Potioneer other than himself may make things worse for Ms. Granger.


You may expect my arrival no later than five o' clock on the Friday this week so I may assess Ms. Granger's situation over the weekend. I will expect appropriate chambers. Make it very clear to Granger that should she agitate me in any way I will leave and she will be 'up a creek' as they say.

Master Severus Snape

He grunted and attached the letter to his midnight owl, Adonis, and sent the irritable bird away with little more than a word before he settled back into his chair and massaged his temple.

He'd had a mind to finish the book he had been absorbed in for the last several days. Unfortunately, his mind continually strayed to what could have possibly happened to Granger and he found he could only sit back and stare at the flames in his hearth.

Gods he hoped he didn't regret this.

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