Twister 😉

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Rose pov:
So the whole gang was in my room. Lissa gave us all white clothes and we begin. Mia offered to be the instructor. Mia said left hand blue. And right foot red. It just so happens that they were in the opposite sides of the mat. Lissa was face to face with me and we had out asses in the air. Adrian was drunk like usual and slipped. Making the paint splatter and fell on his ass causing the paint to smear.  He was out. But Dimitri and Christian were both behind their lovers. Because of lissa and my bond we could read eachothers mind. At the same time we said to the boys... do you like the view 😉 and there responses were d: you and I both know we would like this position more in bed and he smacked my ass with the paint.  C: said baby I'll never get tired of that ass. And went to kiss lissa and fell. Causing more paint to splatter and causing it to get in my hair. You can mess with a lot of things but not my hair. Dimitri being a sweetheart said he would wash it out for me. Next Now said left hand green. Dimitri stuck his hand between my legs to get to the green. And his face was planted right in my ass. We had paint everywhere. Then mia said left foot red Dimitri did this and fell right on his stomach. Shock was funny with Dimitri's big figure. I said I give I'm not this flexible. And dimitri replied with I beg to differ... if you know what I mean. We started making out and everyone left. They decided they would all shower and catch up at the pool. Dimitri then slid his hands under my shirt and started roaming his large firm hands upward...
~FaNgIrL 😙😙

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