Blood Is Thick

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Leila was completely silent for the next 4 days. Whenever that...that monster was in, then she knew to remain silent. She'd lost one kidney to him. If she lost the other one, she'd die.

"You know, just because you don't talk, it doesn't mean...that I can't see you're awake. Your body is giving negative vibes off. Now, I'd appreciate it a lot...if you cried more silently...I do have things to do...and me taking you here is a crime ..more or less.."

Jack said rather irritated.

"But, since I know one idiot that did. I don't see how I can't keep a torture pet either."

At the name given, Leila jolted that what they called people ?! Just pets for them to misuse?!

"I..I am not a pet!"

Leila voiced out but this was silenced when Jack walked to her and stared at her in the eyes.

"....Did you back to me..."

He said with an unreadable face. His staring never scared was the weapon in his hands that did.

"Hold up your fucking...arm..."

When she never complied, he slashed her cheek. Crimson blood trickled down the new wound that he'd left her. Leila shuddered in terror as her legs gave way.

"Don't you back...again..."


Night soon fell and the girl could not sleep at all. She refused to let her guard down with this beast here..what if...what if she tried to escape. But then again...the place that she was was so...labyrinth like..even if she did. Then she'd get lost and starve no doubt...

"I have to try something...or...I'll die here...."

She said to herself. It was then that an idea came to her, if she could learn his patterns...the times he'd be in and the times he'd be out...she could plot her escape from here. Yea...that could work.

For now, she would have to force herself to sleep. Even if it was with one eye opened.


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