The Hike: Chapter One

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Chapter One


"Do we really have to go?"

Hudson grinned. "Yes, we really have to go. You promised, remember?"

I thought back to the alcohol-fueled night when I had agreed to go on a camping trip with Hudson. Two nights, to be specific. In return, I was allowed to pick the next ten movies we went to see at the theatre, and Hudson had to give me a ten-minute backrub every day for two straight weeks. Next time, I needed to ask for more.

I hated camping.


Two hours later, we entered Pisgah National Forest.

Hudson pulled over and parked in a gravel parking lot. "Coleman Boundary, here we come!" He smiled as he popped the trunk and pulled out two massive backpacks. "Tent, check! Water, check! Food, check!"

"Liquor?" I asked with a smile.

Hudson rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Of course I packed the whiskey."

He held up my backpack as I slid my arms through the straps.

"Is it too heavy?" he asked.

I shook my head. "It's fine."

Hudson looked like a little boy on Christmas morning. I couldn't help but laugh.

He locked his car and slid the keys into his pocket. "Come on, let's go! We need to leave now if we're going to make it to the top of the mountain before it gets dark."

I followed Hudson as he practically bounced up the trail.

"You're lucky I love you so much," I shouted.

Hudson turned around and raced back down the trail. He scooped me into his arms and spun me around. "This is going to be the best weekend of your life!" 



Welcome to THE HIKE, a short and very terrifying story.

Quick FYI, this short story is an entry for the #TNTHorrorContest. 

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Kelly Anne Blount xoxo

Kelly Anne Blount xoxo

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