I had barely celebrated my 6th birthday. The past 3 years were all the same. My mother and father were worried as I never spoke and every year their hopes that I would speak faltered to the ground. Though I was unable to speak I heard my parents talking and crying alot. I did that, I made them cry. I don't know why I never talk or why I don't speak but if I was able to I would speak just so my parents would stop worrying.

"Trixie" I heard my mother calling from downstairs.

Should be fun, every day my parents take turns trying to help me talk. Every session ending in tears from my parents. I rose to my feet and set aside the coloring book I was coloring and headed downstairs. My father was sitting in his chair holding several cards that had pictures on them. I walked over and silently climbed onto his lap.

Just like normal he pulls out the first card and shows it to me. It's a cat. The white color of the cats fur reminded me of the kitten we used to have named Bobo, she was just a kitten when we found her and one day she was gone.

"C-A-T" my father spoke to me.

I looked at him plainly as he was speaking to my as if I was stupid. I'm six dad not four I thought to myself. I wish I could speak then I could show them how smart I was. I opened my mouth wide and mouthed the word cat. I felt my lips moving just like my dads did but no sound came out. I frowned and then looked up at him. Just like always there was sadness in his eyes.

I reached my hand up slowly and touched his mouth. "I'm sorry" I mouthed.

He nodded his head and kissed my hand. "Its not your fault. Daddy knows your trying."

Over the past few years my parents took signing classes and lip reading classes so they could better understand me. This helped things go along smoother when they took care of me. I was fluent in my mouthing words and as long as my parents could see my lips move they were able to understand me.

"I just wish I could speak like you, mommy, Scorpius, Avril and Livelex" I mouthed back.

My father took my hand into his and placed it over his heart. "In all good time I know you will."

"I love you daddy" I mouthed.

He laughed but I knew it was forced by the sound of it. I payed attention enough when it came to words spoken and sounds made to know when my father and mother were forcing themselves or being real in their emotions.

"I love you too angel."

I got to my feet and headed into the kitchen where I could smell dinner being cooked. I walked over to my mother and tugged on her sleeve to grab her attention. She turned around and smiled.

"How are you doing Trixie?" My mother spoke to me.

I looked at her. "Juice" I mouthed.

My mother patted my head gently before she moved to grab my favorite cup that I drank my orange juice from. After filling it up she handed it to me and gave me a kiss before she went back to cooking.

I took a drink out of my cup as I headed to go find my big sister Livelex. I liked it when she read to me her voice was really pretty. On my way up to her room where she spent alot of time reading I grabbed my favorite book, Alice in Wonderland. It was my mothers when she was a child, my grandmother gave it to me.

I walked into my sisters room and climbed up onto her bed before handing her the book. She smiled.

"Do you want me to read to you?" She asked me.

I nodded my head and mouthed please. This would be the last time I would get to see my big sister because she was soon leaving to Hogwarts for her first year. My other sister Avril was soon to be in her 7th year and then after that she would be going off and doing her own thing in her own life.

My sister cracked open the book and began on the first page. After a few minutes of reading I got sleepy and was ready for a nap. I yawned and curled up into her arms. Soon my eyelids got too heavy for me and I let them fall. One yawn later and I was dreaming.

In my dream I was talking. My voice sounded like my older sister Avrils but with Livelex's gentle aireness behind it. The dream shifted and I was reading outloud to my family during our family reading time.

I woke up and looked around. I was in my room by the looks of it. Outside the sun was gone and replaced by the gentle light of the moon. So it was night meaning I missed dinner. I turned over and saw my father asleep beside me. I reached out and touched his face to wake him.

My fathers eyes flickered open and he looked around before his eyes settled on me.

"Nightmare?" He asked me as he used his wand to turn on a lamp in the corner.

I shook my head. "It was a good dream, I talked." I mouthed.

"That is definitely good" My father whispered. Using his wand he extinguished the lamp and I curled up into his arms. "Good night Trixie." He spoke before kissing my cheek.

"Night daddy" I thought to myself.

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